Hir Village - Qazvin Province - IranThank you for joining us today, to go on a short trip to Qazvin Province. This Amazing province is full of charming attractions, from natural to historical sights, that you do not want to miss. This time, we want to take you to one of the most fascinating villages in Iran, Hir village. This beautiful village with its refreshing air lies on the altitudes of Alborz mountains, close to Alamut.

But before we start let’s see Why Should You Have Hir Village in Your Travel Plans to Iran?

The reasons are not few but we can review some here:
1. The locals have an annually Cornelian Cherry Celebration in the village.
2. Its nature is dramatically beautiful with its rocky cliffs and fresh cold springs and pouring rivers.
3. Its traditional and muddy houses are more than 500 years old.
4. The ancient cemetery of the village seems to date back to the Zoroastrian era.
5. You can visit Malek Shah’s historical cave, close to the village.
6. There is a thousand years old walnut tree in Hir village.

Where Is Hir Village? Qazvin Province or Gilan Province?

Hir Village - Qazvin Province - Iran

The touristic village of Hir is one of the villages in the western part of Alamut, located in the high mountains of Central Alborz.  It is 65 km north of Qazvin City. The village is located on the banks of the Nineh River, a cold, mountainous village whose people speak the Tati language in the Deylami dialect.

In Dehkhoda Dictionary Hir means Fire. And in this dictionary, Hir village is described as a beautiful village with a pleasant climate and a beautiful river Ninehrood (Nineh River). Hir village is located next to a rocky mountain called “Leter Tele“. “Tele” in the local language of this village means rock.

Hir village is neighboring the villages of Viar, Darband, Soga, Zardchal, and so on. It is also close to the Eshkevarat area of ​​Gilan province from the north, surrounded by beautiful and lush gardens like a jewel.

Hir Village - Qazvin Province - Iran

From the north of Qazvin city you take the Hir road and after passing through Barajin, Zereshk, Flar, Bahram Abad, Razmian, and Zardchal areas, you will get there. And then if you continue the road, after passing the Separdeh pass, you will get to Rahimaabad and Rudsar in Gilan Province.

There is a close relationship between the people of the Eshkevarat region of Gilan and the locals of Hir and Viar villages in the western part of Alamut. Since ancient times, this relationship has caused an influence on the dialect of the people of this region, the exchange of goods and services, and marriage between the people. It is possible for the residents of Eshkevarat, to travel to the central parts of Iran by passing through this village. The same reason has made Hir village one of the largest villages in western Alamut.

Hir Village Is the Largest Producer of Cornelian Cherry

Hir Village - Qazvin Province - Iran

Hir village is the largest producer of cornelian cherry (Zoqal Akhteh) among the villages of Iran. And its products are among the best cornelian cherries in the country. Every year, at the same time as the harvest season, in this beautiful village with a pleasant climate, the locals hold a thanksgiving celebration with local rituals. They call it the “Cornelian Cherry Festival”. They have local music and folklore, traditional games, etc. in their celebration.

Every year in late summer, when the villagers harvest their crop, they spread it on the rooftops. And this gives a special and colorful feature to the village in this season. They say over 200 tons of cornelian cherries are produced annually and exported throughout the country.

Anyway, Hir village is known as the blueberry village and every year many tourists from Tehran, Karaj, Mashhad, Isfahan, and Shiraz to Germany, Austria and Australia, participate in this celebration in Hir village. But still many people, even many Qazvinis, do not know about this village. Of course, it is worth mentioning that in recent years, the reputation of this village is more popular among the people than before, and as a result, it attracts more tourists.

What Are Cornelian Cherries Good for?Hir Village - Qazvin Province - Iran

The polyphenols in this fruit reduce blood cholesterol and are good for heart health. Cornelian cherries are high in iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamins E, B1, B2, C, and flavonoids.

This fruit also contains more than 10% of tannins, sugars, pectin, organic acids, and pigments. This delicious fruit is low in calories and does not cause weight gain. It is a good source of fiber, as well.

The Cold Fresh Springs in Hir Village

Hir Village - Qazvin Province - Iran

Vagel is a boiling spring with useful and extremely light and unique water. There is a company with the same name that puts this mineral water in the bottle and sends them all over Iran.

Vagel spring is the source of the Ninehrood.

Nineh River is a roaring river with cool and refreshing water. And it is known as the healing river, as well.

The river originates from Vogel spring, seven kilometers north of Hir, near the village of Viar.

The Thousand Years Old Walnut Tree

Hir Village - Qazvin Province - Iran

Cornelian cherry, hazelnuts, walnuts, hawthorn, and rhubarb are the main agricultural products of this village.

Hazelnuts and walnuts of this region are also among the best garden products in the country. Because the walnuts in this region are oily and are very tasty.

Among all the walnut trees in the village, there is a thousand-year-old walnut tree. According to the elders of the village, in the past, over 200,000 walnuts were harvested from this tree, every year.

The Huge Cliff of the Village

As we mentioned before, this beautiful village lies on the heights of the Alborz mountains. It is located under a huge cliff, Leter Tele which is one of the most outstanding attractions of the village. On top of these cliffs, you can find a great view of the surroundings and a very old shrine.

Borhan Shrine

Hir Village - Qazvin Province - Iran

A number of hard-working teachers under the supervision and experience of the Cultural Heritage Office on the highest peak, Shah Rashid, near the village have been repairing the historical and religious building of Imamzadeh Borhan known as Shah Rashid.

It is located 5 km northwest of the village. Its average temperature is 8 degrees cooler than the village.

From the roof of the building, you can see more than half of the beautiful and pristine nature of this region, including villages, scenic landscapes, farms, pastures, and gardens.

Fish Farms

Along the lovely area of the Nineh River, there are two fish farms where you can buy fresh fish. You can take the chance to enjoy cooking your fish on the riversides on fire.

What Do People Do for Living in Hir Village?Hir Village - Qazvin Province - Iran

Now you can easily answer this question!! But aside from producing hazelnuts, walnuts, cornelian cherry, hawthorn, and rhubarb which is the main job in the village, people also do fish farming and traditional animal husbandry.

Final Words

Have you ever been to Hir Village or Qazvin?
If so what did you liked about them?
We would love to read about your experiences in the comments.

Thank you again for joining us on this short trip to the amazing Hir Village. If you have enjoyed reading about it please let us know in the comments. Remember, your words are worth the word to us. In case you need more information or you would like to book a tour to Qazvin and Hir village with Tap Persia you can reach our experienced guides via the contact information below the same page.


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Last Edited: Jun 8, 2021



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