A flourishing garden with towering cypress and orange trees, various gorgeous flowers and tropical plants attract anyone to roam around for hours. A palatial edifice with a big pool in front easily fascinates you. You are right in the middle of a Persian garden called Eram, placed in Shiraz, Iran. There’s not an exact history about who built this garden but it existed in Seljuq era too and some believe Atabak, son of Malekshah the Seljuq king, built it as he was the ruler of Shiraz and Fars.

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History and Architecture

Most of the restoration on the garden was done by Karim Khan Zand, whereas the charming edifice in the center of the garden was constructed by Qajar kingdom. You can see paintings of Persian stories and Qajars’ battles, decorated with beautiful tiles and plasterwork on the facade. The building consists of three floors. In the basement, a hall and some rooms are designed with paintings and colorful tiles as well as the third floor. On the other floors, you can see some balconies with pillars, which are amazing and inspired by Takhte Jamshid’s. Some inscriptions of stone around the garden are nice mementos of Nasir-al-Mulk, the architect of the edifice.


Another outstanding attraction of the garden is a 1000-year-old cedar tree, called “Sarv-e Naz” that means gorgeous cedar in Persian. Its height is about 40 meters. The pine, weeping willow, eucalyptus, pomegranate, medlar, walnut, apricot, almond, apple, and pear trees are just some of the garden’s plants and as we mentioned the variety of plants made the garden like a floral exhibition. This botany garden is under the supervision of Shiraz University and is also used for improving agricultural education.

Eram Garden - Shiraz Top Attractions - Online Booking


The Eram garden is one of the nine Persian gardens, registered on UNESCO World Heritage Sites The fact which makes these gardens significantly remarkable is the knowledge of technology, water management, engineering, architecture, botany and agriculture that was applied on them. Persian gardens can be a symbol of Paradise on the earth and you can realize how their notion permeated in Iranian life and art, especially affected literature, poetry, music, calligraphy and carpet design.

If you look at it more carefully, you will notice that the design is based on the right angle and proportions and the creation of such gardens is only possible by the intelligent and innovative engineering solutions. The Persian garden has been a principal reference for the development of garden design in western Asia, Arab countries and even Europe. The geometry and symmetry of the architecture have influenced design in other gardens as well.

Time to visit

In the main edifice, there’s a stone museum with more than 140 types of stones and gems. The best months to visit the garden are April and May and as they say, if you want to feel glamor of Eram Garden fully, go there in the morning when the sun shines over the clear water in the pool and streams while all those colors are reflected beautifully. After a walk around the garden, you can sit on a bench under the tree shadows and mediate among all those beauties.


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