Shiraz is a famous city among tourists to enjoy roaming around fragrant streets and investigating all its well-known natural, historical, and cultural attractions. This city is a great representative of Persian Gardens with its ingenious architecture ad serene environments. There are so many marvelous gardens in Shiraz that each offers its own type of uniqueness and wonders. When visiting Shiraz, strolling over Eram Garden is a must. In this article, we provide you with all the must-know information about Eram Garden.

The History of Eram Garden

Truth be told, the exact time of the garden’s construction is unknown but there is evidence of its existence from at least the Seljuk Dynasty. There is also one saying that Malekshah’s son –Atabak- has ordered to build the garden. Anyway, there have been several restorations of the garden in various eras. The major restoration was conducted under the command of Karim Kahn Zand through the beautiful central edifice that was built during the Qajar kingdom.

Eram Garden

A Prominent Feature of Garden: Sarv-e Naz

One of the very significant remarks of the garden is being a host to a 3000-years-old cypress tree. This tree is called “Sarv-e Naz” meaning the “cypresses” or “the delicate cedar” in Persian. The tree has a height of over 40 meters. Cypress in ancient Persian culture is a sacred tree and there are several referring to this tree in eminent Persian poets and tales. Cypress is a symbol of majesty.

You can realize the importance of this tree among ancient Iranians by the paintings of this tree on Persepolis. Same as Shiraz Sarv-e Naz, there is also some other famous cypress in several cities of Iran like Kashmar and Yazd. Due to the magnificent cypress in Shiraz, this city is renowned as the “city of cypress”.

the delicate designs

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Nine Persian Gardens are registered on UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Sites; Eram Garden, Fin Garden, Shazdeh Garden, and Abbasabad Garden are some of them to mention. Being a great embodiment of heaven, Persian Gardens permeates all the beauties of nature, art, literature, and music altogether. It is a great combination of ingenious architecture, engineering, technology, and botany. The designs and accurate proportions astonish their visitors. Symmetry and geometry are two chief features of Persian Gardens that amazes travelers.

Eram Garden - UNESCO World Heritage

Features of Eram Garden

The towering cypress and bitter orange trees in the garden coupled with the ingenious architecture bring about pleasant weather floating in the air; the temperate weather in the garden during almost all months makes you surprised. The garden is also decorated with colorful flowers and rich vegetation.

The marvelous building in Eram Garden which is more like a mansion with a striking pond in front is what catches every visitor’s attention. On the façade of the edifice, you can see numerous paintings depicting Qajar battles and Persian tales and events. The astounding decorations using tiles and plasterwork on the façade are some eye-catching features of the edifice. It is a three-storey building designed with colorful paintings and tiles. The balconies on the second and third floors have a great view of the garden and are a perfect spot to rest in the evenings and have a cup of tea.

If you look closely at the stones around the garden, you can find inscriptions that are mementos of the architecture of the building –Nasir-ol Molk-.

You can find a wide range of trees in this garden; pine, willow, pomegranate, apricot, walnut, apple, almond, and pear tree are some to mention. That is why this botanical garden is under the supervision of Shiraz University. Besides, they use it for various agricultural and educational means.

the beutifal garden in Shiraz

When is the Best Time to Visit Eram Garden?

Generally, in order to make the most out of your stay in Shiraz, we highly recommend you make your visit April and May; so you will fully enjoy all the beauties spread in the city especially the fragrant biter blossoms. If you can’t make it in summer, the weather and scenarios are also pleasant during October and November.

We also suggest you make your visit to Eram Garden in the morning; so that the reflection of light on the pond and the streams, and the bird’s delicate whisperings will amaze you.

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