There is a place in Iran, a U-shaped port, that exhibits its overwhelming beauties. This port always has a spring climate and a cool breeze touches your skin while you are standing in awe, watching a blue endless sea just like the sky. In the port city of Chabahar, you will see the explosion of colors in nature and clothes, and you get to see different cultures, all come together in this untouched paradise. Get ready for the stunning rare nature that surrounds you.

Chabahar, formerly known as Bandar-e Behesht (Paradise Port), is located in the Southeastern part of Iran, in Sistan and Baluchestan province. It is actually two separate ports called Shahid Kalantari and Shahid Beheshti. Chabahar is near the waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean. It is also the closest way for the countries of Central Asia to reach international waters. The port’s location has made it suitable for a free trade zone. The Sea of Oman is in the South, Iranshahr and Nikshahr on the North, Pakistan in the East and Kerman and Hormozgan are on the western side of this free trade zone. This is the reason that this Iranian port is home to people from India and Pakistan along with Baluch locals.

Chabahar, The Land of Exquisite Beaches - Blog Posts - TAP Persia

Access to the Indian Ocean

Chabahar port is the closest and best access point to the Indian Ocean. For this reason, it is the focal point of development of the Eastern part of Iran through enhancement of transit routes among countries situated in the neighborhood of Chabahar. It is also the result of healthy cooperation between India, Iran and Afghanistan that will ensure economic growth. Even the first time that Afghanistan directly connected with India was through this strategic Iranian port.

Chabahar port was neighbor of the port of Tis, dating back to 2500 BC. Tis port had been one of Alexander the Great’s conquests and then after the invasion of Portuguese forces, it became under their rule and it was mostly ruined. The Chabahar we are talking about was ruled by Arabs after that, but then in Qajar dynasty, the port was taken back to Iranians. The modern Chabahar however, dates back to 1970, when a large port project was started by the order of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran. He meant to convert Iran into a dominant power in the Indian Ocean. However, the project was canceled after Iran’s revolution. Then what caused Chabahar to gain in logistical and strategic importance was the Iran-Iraq war. War brought insecurity to Hormuz and on the other hand ships were unable to enter the Persian Gulf. Accordingly, Chabahar became a major port during the war and it remained to be.

The name Chabahar comes from the word Chahar (Four) and Bahar (Spring) because all the four seasons of the year are spring in Chabahar (Four Bahars). Chabahar weather is hot and humid in summer and warm in winter. It is the coolest place in summer among the Southern cities in Iran and the warmest in the winter.

Chabahar, The Land of Exquisite Beaches - Blog Posts - TAP Persia


Chabahar is home to inimitable and unique natural beauties and historical sites. As you go through the road from Chabahar to Goater bay, you get to see most of the eye-catching sites such as Hara Sea Forest, Lipar Lagoon, Mars Mountains, Baan Mesiti Caves and Temple, Mud Volcano and Portuguese Fort.


Harra Sea Forest

The amazing roots of the trees in the sea are only one of the things that fascinate you in the one of a kind Hara Sea Forest. You can just get on a boat and go through the amazing trees of Mangrove. This forest is near the Goater Port which is an attracting sight by itself. This port is one of the aspects of Chabahar that makes your trip delightful.

One of the wondering must-see places in Chabahar is Mars Mountains, also known as Miniature Mountains. What has made these mountains so famous is their amazing shape. You can probably see these shapes in Mars, so that is why these mountains are known as Mars. This unique range of mountain is from Kachu area to Goater Port, standing there with their dazzling looks just like a work of art.

The Pink Lagoon

Going from one attraction to another, the magnificent Lipar Lagoon cannot be ignored in this journey. The pink color of this lagoon is what amazes everyone and exists due to the presence of Plankton plant. Another point of this scenic lagoon is the presence of different species of birds such as flamingos, plain eagles, and harbors. Also, the growth of oak plants and shrubs add to the beauties of this place.

Baan Mesiti cave is located on the hillside of Shahbazvand in the village of Tis. In the Baluch language, the word “Baan” means holy man and “Mesiti” means temple, so the name of this cave means the temple of the holy man. The three caves include one natural cave and two man-made caves.

Portugees Fort or Tis Fort is one of the historical sites dating back to 2000 years ago. This fort has been built in Safavid era on a hill with the view of Chabahar – Tis road and its structure are similar to the Shah Abbasi Caravansary.

Another wonderous site of Chabahar is the Mud Volcano. At the highest point of this volcano, you can see a mud pot that erupts mud every minute. This 100 meters mud volcano is formed because of the activity of this mud pot. What is interesting is that the extrusion of this volcano is cold.

Chabahar, The Land of Exquisite Beaches - Blog Posts - TAP Persia


The beaches of Chabahar are the place to be. You should sit on its sands for a while, relax and look at the sunrise or sunset as you are listening to the waves hitting the rocks and feel the water running under your feet occasionally. It is one of the most scenic areas you get to see in Iran. The beaches are also suitable for many water sports such as swimming, water skiing, surfing, and snorkeling.

Chabahar, The Land of Exquisite Beaches - Blog Posts - TAP Persia

Souvenirs and Culture

Chabahar is truly the place to try the best local foods including Pakoureh, Tanourcheh, fish, and shrimp. Handmade wickers and handicrafts made with shells are the souvenirs you can buy at the local bazaars of Chabahar. Bazaars are also a fine place to meet the locals, get familiar with their lifestyle and understand their culture. You can observe the festival made by their colorful cloth. They use henna to paint their faces and even wear exotic masks.

Besides this ports importance as a trade center, Chabahar is truly a lost paradise. In the first look you might find it a poor city, but as soon as you open your eyes to its wonders and fascinating beauties, all the thoughts you had will vanish and the new picture of the lost paradise will come to your mind. Try not to miss the chance to find this lost paradise in your trip to Iran.


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