A pearl in the middle of the desert, Yazd is one of the best places for a nice romantic weekend whether you are traveling alone or with a company. Instead of opting for a modern hotel, check out some of these amazingly unique boutique hotels, some of which you can only find in Yazd. The best hotels in Yazd feature charming courtyards, earthen exteriors, and extensive history.

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel - TAPPersia

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel Yazd

The Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel is an old garden renovated to a traditional hotel. Entering the hotel at the corner of the alley, passing the reception, and setting foot out of reception, you’ll face a big garden in front of you. In Moshir al-Mamalek, things are different. Whether it’s a traditional house in the 17th century close to the Silk Road, or a four-star boutique hotel, your budget, or your reason for visiting, will find the hotel a brilliant place to stay. Old, new, or recently renovated rooms with a great taste of Iranian touch helps you to have a great rest after a night of exploring the magnificent city of Yazd. 

Best choices of food, desserts, and salad bars. Also, traditional architecture, decorative ceiling, walls printed with unique paintings, and a flower creek and beautiful fountain invite you for the finest meal in the city for the hotel’s residence.

Dad Hotel - TAPPersia

Dad Hotel Yazd

The four-star hotel was known as an old garage for exchanging goods for over 90 years. Situated in the heart of Yazd, the Dad Hotel has a world of amenities to offer. The hotel is open to all whether you are spending the night, or treating yourself to a romantic night, Dad Hotel suits you well. The hotel is famous for its fabulous O shaped courtyard 

The hotel is surrounded by fabulous rooms with beds that make you want to sleep and enjoy a view of your room from the window. The Dad Hotel provides pool and spa facilities for the residence among other great facilities. If you’re in the mood for some afternoon Persian tea in the yard and enjoy the sunset on the prepared benches in there. The staff will make sure to keep up with all the hotel’s residents.

Best Hotels in Yazd

Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel Yazd

Hardly any luxury hotels in Yazd can match up to this historical wonder. Situated in the Safaiyeh neighborhood, the Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Yazd, and certainly the best known. The luxurious castle-style invites you from miles away. The terraced rooms all over the small cozy yard create a cheerful environment with a lavish view. Mixing high-quality design with an equable glamour hotel, this hotel is a wonderful place to relax. Enjoy the fantastic Safaiyeh Hotel and astonishing views out over the city.

Fahadan hotel - TAPPersia

Fahadan Museum Hotel Yazd

Fahadan Hotel tucked away in Yazd central maze located in front of Alexander Prison. Formerly this hotel is famous for its royal rooms featuring beds that make you sleep for days. Also a rare blend of open space, intimacy, and undressed luxury. The hotel has 30 rooms with the bedrooms, wonder on their own neat and tidy furnished in a classic and modern style with nods to traditional Iranian handicrafts, and a touch of Qajar dynasty pattern.in fact, The real jewel in the hotel’s crown, both literally and metaphorically, is the historical and valuable treasures, inside the main yard and the designed restaurant.

On a whole new level, Just like a hidden pearl in the city center full of valuable and historical treasures belonging to more than 200 years ago .if you are looking for a “home away from home” vibe at a traditional boutique hotel, Fahadan Museum Hotel worth a look.

Kohen hotel - TAPPersia

Traditional Kohan Hotel Yazd

The lush destination is an old-time favorite. Located in the Fahadan neighborhood next to the Museum of Coin and Anthropology, the Traditional Kohan Hotel is a lavish time for those seeking the glamour of days gone by. Every corner of the hotel feels like entering a Persian fairy tale. The green rectangular yard surrounded by blush flower trees along with lanterns lined in ferns and surrounded by rugged benches colored in Brown and designed by pillow and mattress. In addition to all that, you can feast your eyes on the greenery of the yard. The rooms are stylish and modern, but for a reasonable price for every passenger who enjoys good lighting and very comfortable beds. The Hotel doesn’t get more luxurious than spending an evening with the nice Azan voice calling prayers for the evening prayer in the evening twilight with the lighting and delicious local meal of Yazd city.

Laleh Hotel Yazd - TAPPersia

Laleh Hotel Yazd

After a nice tour around the city of Yazd plans to shut an eye in the Laleh Hotel, also they proudly claim one of the top 7 luxury hotels in the city. These rooms are designed in luxurious blue color and Persian handcrafted fabrics and If you’re looking for something more affordable than five stars, then this hotel, run by nice warm-hearted people, good Wi-fi, and air conditioner. The downtown location is convenient for most places you’d ever want to go to in Yazd.


Fazeli hotel - TAPPersia

Fazeli Hotel Yazd

Fazeli Hotel is one of the most favorite among TripAdvisor choices of hotels. This hotel designed like an oasis in the desert, near the Jame mosque and close to the beautiful maze of Yazd. Spend the day exploring the city and the afternoon get lost in the central part and enjoying the cafes.  Furthermore, the hotel offers one of the most stunning views of the whole historic sites of Yazd. Its restaurant serves Persian Traditional foods along with western foods. From wester to European or middle eastern, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for at the Fazeli Hotel.



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