Because Iranians are known for their warmth, warm resorts and outstanding hotels have been developed all throughout Iran to welcome guests, hotels that truly depict the particular art and architecture of this wonderful area. Although Iran’s history with hospitality is as old as its civilization, the industry is still relatively new there. On the basis of comments from our clients and visitors in 2023, we have made an effort to introduce the best hotels in Iran in this post.

Hotels in Tehran

1.Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel

Espinas palace hotel

In November 2015, the high grounds of Tehran’s Sa’adat Abad neighborhood were transformed into the five-star Espinas Palace Hotel, one of the best hotels in Iran and a fashionable one in the city. The hotel features 20 stories and 400 magnificent suites and rooms with gorgeous interior decor and all the latest amenities. The opulent Espinas Palace hotel is prepared to greet you with its one-of-a-kind amenities and services.

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All reviews of this fabulous hotel were fascinating. All reviews are about the delicious taste of their high-quality food, the environment being pleasant and the music that is beautiful and mesmerizing. The users have also mentioned the staff is very friendly that will always greet you with a beautiful smile. The drinks served here are also considered high quality and tasty, from cold drinks to hot ones like coffee.

2.Tehran Grand Hotel

Tehran Grand Hotel

The Grand Tehran Hotel is one of the best hotels in Iran. Customers adore this hotel because of the staff’s attention to even the slightest details, the hearty breakfast, the convenient location, and the freebies. Also, this hotel provides a wide range of amenities and services that will greatly enhance your comfort throughout your stay. 1stQuest suggests Grand Tehran Hotel to travelers looking for opulent lodging in Tehran. The lobby offers quick internet access for visitors.

While the hotel only has a 4-star classification, it provides the comfort and amenities of a typical 5-star hotel and the staff is proficient in English. The hotel’s administration is obviously very concerned about every tourist and gives them particular attention. 


All reviews were 5-star and amazing regarding this hotel. Most users were fascinated by the hotel staff which was very respectful and hospitable. A user claimed that when there is a problem, they solve it quickly and are very polite. A user named Barfeh has mentioned that it has everything one needs, from an ironing board to a minibar. Some users have also mentioned that it has an amazing shower and really comfy and clean beds. Most users have also mentioned the calm and relaxing atmosphere it has in the bustling city of Tehran.

Hotels in Mashhad

3.The Almas Hotel 2

almas2 mashhad (best hotels in iran)

In 1396, the 5-star Almas Hotel 2 Mashhad first opened, being one of the best hotels in Iran. Almas Hotel 2 tells the tale of eight gems that belong to each of these civilizations and features eight different civilizations, including the old Roman culture, Russia, Thailand, India, Arab, Turkey, Africa, and Iran. It is therefore one of Mashhad’s most opulent hotels.

The President’s Suite, Imperial Suites, Single Suites, Honeymoon Suites, Canteen Rooms, and 154 Double Rooms are just a few of the 217 rooms and 25 stories that make up the Almas Hotel. The hotel also features a lobby and lounge, cafe roof restaurant, coffee shop and Panoramic Rotating Restaurants.

A few of the water-based, varied, and healthy amenities provided by Almas Hotel 2 Mashhad include a swimming pool, sauna (dry, steam), children’s pool, airport transfer, Jacuzzi, spa services like massages and body treatments, WIFI internet, markets, conference rooms, train station and taxi service.


Most users were satisfied with the unique architectural themes of this hotel and its polite and calm staff. Others mentioned the great amenities that it has such as a great pool and game room. The breakfast is another thing worth considering which visitors were very delighted.

There were some complaints, though. One user named Gee was not satisfied with how the staff handled an issue that he/she had with the reservation and had to wait 30 minutes before the staff resolved the issue and they didn’t even apologize or compromised in any manner. Another user complained about the hotel’s lobby which did not have an appropriate catering service.

4.Ghasr Talaee International Hotel

best hotels in iran

Opening its doors in 1389, the 5000-square-meter Ghasr Talaee Hotel in Mashhad, Iran. Due to its excellent location, superior quality, and use of international standards in many regions of the world, the hotel is among the most opulent ones in Mashhad and among the best hotels in Iran. The 610 apartments of the 20-floor Ghasr Talaee Hotel in Mashhad include Imperial Suites, President Suites, Princess Suites, Royal Suites, Suites, Double, Double, and Single.

A water complex with a sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, massage rooms, billiards rooms, a gym, a children’s playground, a computer games room, beauty salons, and a travel agency are just a few of the amenities offered by the Ghasr Talaee Hotel in Mashhad.


Most users were in love with the view of popular places around it such as the holy Imam Rea shrine. Some visitors have mentioned the amazing meals like the breakfast buffet which is very delicious. But few users have complained about the night shift manager being irresponsible and the staff although being very polite but sometimes annoying and do not take your luggage to your room.

Hotels in Isfahan

5.Abbasi Hotel

best hotels in iran

The Abbasi Hotel offers guests the chance to stay in an authentic, historical caravansary right in the middle of Isfahan. This hotel is one of the best hotels in Iran and is widely regarded as being the greatest in all of Isfahan. It is also the oldest and most opulent hotel in the city and has stunning Safavid-era Persian architecture.

The hotel was initially built in the 18th century on king Sultan Hossein Safavi’s instruction as a present for his mother. It underwent renovations and was transformed into the current Abbasi Hotel, which features 231 rooms, suites, and apartments, in 1966.

Several hotel rooms have balconies or windows that face the garden and are situated around the central courtyard. The architecture in each hotel room is distinctive. The hotel is not distant from Isfahan’s major historical sites.


Most users Most beautiful architecture and design. Other things visitors have mentioned were the restaurant which is very good with fast service. This is a glorious historic hotel with beautiful gardens that is truly excellent, easily making it one of the best hotels in Iran. A user named “Eish traveler” claimed that the pricings were quite high and the staff although polite and friendly, they were not that attentive and have low English skills.

6.Bekhradi’s Historical House

Bekheradi (Best Hotels in Iran)

This hotel is one of the best hotels in Iran and is a historical Safavid residence from the 17th century that has been converted into a conventional inn. It contains two Safavid and Qajar-era buildings. The hotel can accommodate 65 guests in its 25 suites and rooms. There are four Safavid-style royal suites.

The 21 more rooms and suites have Qajar-style architecture. With wall murals, stuccowork, and stained-glass windows, each apartment is unique. Private baths are featured in each room and suite.

All of them have hand-ironed linens and distinctive handcrafted tiles on the walls. Also, they offer air conditioning, a separate mini-bar, and comfy beds. In the rooms, you may also use wifi internet and watch TV.


The reviews of this excellent hotel are outstanding. Generally, visitors mentioned that the staff was warm and welcoming and most of them knew how to communicate in English. Other reviews talked about how the facility is clean and well-appointed. One user mentioned how the hotel location is set back from the road and as a result is very quiet. Another one talked about the rooms being huge and well-equipped while also inducing a safe and secure feeling. The delicious breakfast was also something a lot of users were talking about.

Hotels in Shiraz

7.Zandiyeh Hotel

Zandieh Hotel (best hotels in iran)

Shiraz’s main center is home to the 5-star Zandiyeh hotel, one of the best hotels in Iran. The hotel is adjacent to the Zandieh complex’s other sites as well as the Karim Khan Citadel (ARG). The Zandiyeh Hotel offers a range of first-rate services. Its architecture was inspired by Shiraz and Persian styles. The majority of guests will choose this hotel as their first and best option because of its well-trained personnel, cutting-edge amenities, and convenient location. Every visitor to the Zandiyeh Hotel is treated like a VIP!


A lot of visitors mentioned that the rooms were spacious, comfortable, and most importantly very hygienic. Other people loved the food, the spa and its excellent location. Another person remarked on how lovely it was that the hotel had both old and contemporary elements. But few visitors have complained that the breakfast was not that impressive and the TV could have been bigger.

8.Elysee Hotel 

best hotels in Iran

The closest location to the international exposition is the Elysee Hotel, which is situated in the west of Shiraz in a contemporary residential neighborhood. The majority of the commercial and shopping complexes are situated nearby. It’s encouraging to know that Shiraz’s first boutique hotel, the Elysee Hotel, is operated by a compassionate staff. The Elysee Hotel is one of the best hotels in Iran, renowned for its incredibly tranquil setting and is only 25 minutes from Shiraz’s main attractions. The hotel provides 68 well-decorated rooms with all the amenities, including minibars, wireless internet, cable TV, and safes. From the time you check in to the time you check out, you can anticipate being treated like a VIP.


Most visitors talked about how the staff spoke English fluently and were very polite and friendly. Another user also said that the staff follows the standard principles quite well. Most users also mentioned that the restaurant and the food were great. Very clean rooms were also seen in a lot of the reviews. The only criticism mentioned by a few visitors was that the hotel is situated far from the city center.

Hotels in Yazd

9.Daad Hotel

best hotels in iran

With its classic architecture, authentic Yazdi ambiance, and close proximity to the city’s 3,000-year history, Yazd’s Daad Hotel recreates the feel of classic antiquity. This hotel is one of the best hotels in Iran. The Amirchakhmaq Complex and Zoroastrian Fire Temple are at a short distance from this hotel, as are other popular historical and tourist destinations in Yazd. The finest amenities and the kind, knowledgeable personnel at this refurbished historical home will always be associated with a relaxing stay in Yazd. You may unwind in the hotel’s roof restaurant after a stroll through the old town while taking in the lovely scenery.


Most reviews are great pointing out the environment of the hotel, which is claimed to be very beautiful, and the hotel is located in a good place. Other reviews mentioned that the rooms are clean with enough-sized bathrooms. Few visitors claimed the service is good but the quality of the breakfast and the service of its hall were very poor. When talking about the staff, most said that the staff were polite and friendly but had trouble understanding and speaking English.

10.Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel

best hotels in iran

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel is the first Iranian garden hotel with a traditional design that is also furnished with all contemporary conveniences and cutting-edge technology. The hotel is created in 2002, making it one of the best hotels in Iran.

One of the hotel’s highlights is its lovely garden, which is visible from the balconies of the hotel’s classic rooms and suites. You may spend hours relaxing in the lovely garden area while admiring the stunning fountains, massive, age-old trees, ponds, streams, and the hotel’s historic architecture. The Bagh Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel is conveniently close to Yazd’s tourism hotspots, including Amir Chakhmaq Plaza, the Water Museum, Dolat Abad Park, and Khan Bazaar. The Bagh Moshir Al Mamalek Hotel is included among the country’s national works.


Several people have given this hotel excellent reviews. Most people loved the garden stating that it is really beautiful and the rooms are very clean and comfy. There are also many reviews claiming that visitors enjoyed the atmosphere at night when the weather was cool. Other things worth mentioning were the staff that is attentive and professional, always being helpful and flexible. The only criticism mentioned by a few users was the furniture in the rooms. These visitors claimed that rooms were a little bit dated and needed renovation but it was exciting for them to rest in those rooms that bring back people many years ago.

Hotels in Kish Island

11.Toranj Marine Hotel 

best hotels in iran

One of the best hotels in Iran is located on the beautiful Kish Island, which has a large following among Iranians and tourists alike. Because of this, it provides special amenities for both lodging and entertainment. The first hotel constructed on the water in the Middle East, the Toranj Hotel is one of Iran’s most stunning accommodations. It is also located on Kish Island. The Maldives and Caribbean hotels served as inspiration for the daring design.

This stunning hotel was constructed in two parts, the first of which had suites with glass flooring that overlooked the Persian Gulf and allowed guests to view the incredible undersea life from their rooms. The suites’ individual balconies, which allow visitors to enjoy a stunning sunset over the island of Kish, are another tempting aspect of them.

The second phase consists of a four-story hotel with lovely rooms and distinctive facilities that are being constructed on the lovely beach of Kish. Another feature of the hotel is a swimming pool on top of the building’s roof, which provides an amazing swimming experience.


The reviews are magnificent in general. Most People loved how the staff was very polite and friendly. Others mentioned how awesome it is for the rooms to have glass flooring, giving you an amazing experience admiring the seabed of the Persian Gulf. The food and restaurant amenities were great based on many reviews. The only criticism seen from reviewers is that you cannot swim and there is a lot of seaweed but there are watersports to enjoy.

12.Aramis Plus Hotel, Kish

Aramis Hotel

The Aramis Plus Hotel is one of the best hotels in Iran, opening its doors in 2019. This recently constructed five-star hotel, which is regarded as one of the best in Kish, has been successful in drawing a large number of tourists. The hotel’s proximity to the Persian Gulf coast is one of its standout qualities.

This hotel features 171 rooms with top-notch amenities including internet, a pool with a sauna and a hot tub, a special studio, a unique conference and convention hall, safe deposit boxes, a dedicated space for keeping bags and baggage, etc. By staying in this hotel, you have easy access to Fardis, Roya Mall, and other Major retail malls.

However, there are excellent four and three-star hotels in Kish that may be reserved for less money than a five-star hotel. These include the four-star Sadaf International Hotel, which has sufficient entertainment and lodging options, and the four-star Flamingo Hotel, which is close to the marina and the retail mall.


The reviews of this hotel are magnificent. The reviews all mention how the staff are polite and desired the clean and comfy rooms, great breakfast and food, and other amazing amenities that this hotel offers.

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