Put on your mountaineering clothing, today we are going to have a fantastic summiting experience. Of course, don’t forget to download some of the Ostad Abbas Kamandi’s songs, or you may want to listen to Ostad Mazhar Khaleqi’s heavenly voice, or one of the other famous singers of the city, like Kamkar group; the obvious point is that you will enjoy the songs.
I know that you don’t speak and/or understand Kurdish, but it will turn our summiting a dreamy experience – especially if you are interested in traditional Iranian and Kurdish music. But if you want to enjoy much more, try to pick up some Kurdish beforehand.
Now that you are ready, let’s get going.

Let’s Warm Up

There is a beautiful boulevard called Abidar Boulevard. Here people do different activities such as walking, jogging, running, biking, and even chatting. That’s why you may want to walk among them, stare at the beautiful Abidar Park Mountain from its footstep for a little while, take some photos, have some fun, and enjoy the city’s view.

Stairs are Waiting for You

Now you have reached the “Kouze be Shan” square (literally means “somebody carrying an urn on her shoulder”), and your first goal is the Amiriye square. Of course, in order to do that you have to climb up the Amiriye garden.
This is one the large gardens of Abidar Park Mountain. You should climb up the whole garden using stairs. Huge stones had been used in order to build the stairs and some particular places for families. As you are summiting, sometimes take a rest, look back and enjoy the view of Sanandaj through the beautiful tree branches.

Abidar Park Mountain in SanandajA Huge Open Cinema

Amiriye is also a huge open cinema in the Abidar Park Mountain. If you look back, you will see that there is a huge white wall (12 * 25 meters) that could be seen almost from everywhere of the mountain.
Therefore, it is possible to watch movie or the other programs of national TV channels. Some popular events such as Iranian league soccer matches as well as the world cup games are also broadcasted here.
As you climb up more, you will see that there are some simple and homely cafes there. You can select one of them and enjoy watching the beautiful garden where you have just climbed.

Amir Nezam Garousi

As you start to climb up the first stairs, you will understand that here must have been constructed by a powerful person. You have guessed correctly, Amir Nezam Garousi was a famous person; he was a well-known person not only in Sanandaj, but also in other regions of the country.
In the past, Iranian powerful people would try to construct some places in order to make their names and reputation permanent. This lovely garden in the Abidar Park Mountain as well as a mansion in Tabriz has been constructed by Amir Nezam Garousi’s command.

Abidar Park Mountain in SanandajAmiriye Square

This is a small square similar to Hafeziye square in Shiraz. In fact its official name is also Hafeziye square, but local people prefer to call it Amiriye square. There are also two small waterfalls here which make the atmosphere calming and soothing.
However, you will discover here that some people are coming up by their own cars. It should be mentioned that if you have selected the other way to reach here, you would enjoy some other small but pretty gardens. But we decided to summit the Abidar Mountain Park, didn’t we? And Amiriye garden was a great choice.

The Jungle Path

Don’t panic! You are not going through a wild jungle where dangerous wild animals are living; it is a nice forest park. Of course, you can take the asphalt road and enjoy some other parks, but I think you will prefer the jungle path, won’t you? Walking on the asphalt road does not have the taste of mountain summiting. The asphalt road is also much further than the jungle path. So let’s get going and enjoy the jungle path of the Abidar Park Mountain.
When you reach the end of the path, you will see that you have taken the shortcut path. Now, you are on the “Masire Ban Shelane.”

Are You Tired?

Masire Ban Shelane is also an asphalt road, but it is the easiest way to continue summiting. And I know that you are tired now, so this time let’s take the asphalt road. You should only pass by some bends and you will reach the end of the Masire Ban Shelane as well.
There is a long way to reach the Abidar Park Mountain summit. We are only at the footstep of the “Jadeye Panahgah,” means the Shelter Road. But it may be enough for us.

Abidar Park Mountain in SanandajLet’s Barbeque

Look back and you will notice a fantastic view. The beautiful Abidar Park Mountain, its different parks, and the view of the city make a really fascinating landscape.
Select a suitable place, take a rest, and have fun. Then, you may want to barbeque before climbing down the mountain; it would be a great experience. Of course, there are several garden restaurants in different locations of the Abidar. It all depends on you where to enjoy your meal.
That is obvious that Sanandaj does have other beautiful places to visit. There are also some other ways to choose and enjoy the Abidar Park Mountain. We will talk about the other beauties of Sanandaj such as mansions, the bazaar, and so on in different appropriate situations.




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