Shiraz is adored worldwide for beauty, art, and culture. So it’s no surprise that the city of light has consistently been one of the top traveler attractions of the last century. Stroll down to the most beautiful attractions of Shiraz and have a sip of roasted coffees with a slice of chocolate cake. While eating your meal take some pictures and enjoy the view and the atmosphere of the cafe. If one is not enough for you we gathered the 10 best cafes in Shiraz.

Ferdowsi Cafe Shiraz

Ferdowsi Cafe Shiraz - The 10 Best Cafes you Should Try in Shiraz

Located in the Ferdowsi street, Ferdowsi cafe is a spot you definitely do not want to miss if you are a coffee fan while exploring the city of love. The exterior is a small shop of the nineteenth and so Instagram friendly, but the interior provides an amazing atmosphere for special sweets and drinks. The blue tiles and the beige chairs speak the word “cozy” and the staff are always friendly and courteous.

Hedayat Cafe 

Hedayat Cafe Shiraz - The 10 Best Cafes you Should Try in Shiraz

Like a journey to another age, located in the western Hedayat street, the Hedayat cafe is easy to find. Immediately upon entering down the street you will feel the delight by the many aromas of coffee beans and tea leaf inviting you to come over. The aim is to serve the best-flavored food in beautiful dishes made of organic ingredients. The customers are a huge fan of their grilled chicken and a wide range of pasta choices.

Greta Cafe 

Greta Cafe Shiraz - The 10 Best Cafes you Should Try in Shiraz

In the Malih Abad district of Shiraz, Greta cafe is a coffee lover’s dream. Drinks or food? Day or night? Wouldn’t it be great not to have to decide? Open until 12 pm most evenings suits an early bird or a night owl to get serving the most delicious array of pizzas and sweets. The only difficulty lies in deciding which to pick. Greta cafe is a little less touristic than other coffee shops on the list of the best cafes in Shiraz. Sit back, relax, and watch the world go by while sipping your espresso.

Shapouri Garden Cafe

Shapouri Garden Cafe - The 10 Best Cafes you Should Try in ShirazShapouri Garden cafe is a tiny and quiet little Shiraz gem from the Pahlavi dynasty where you are transported away from the noise of the city. Like a journey to another age, the palace coffee shop serves a wide range of foods and drinks. Take time to admire the beauty of the building or to snap while enjoying brunch, cakes, and pastries on the balcony or down in the garden. The open view of the garden around provides the best pictures for Instagram shots and reminisces your childhood days without having a care in the world. You can see all the city’s best attractions with our free walking tour in Shiraz.

Alto Board Game Cafe

The 10 Best Cafes you Should Try in Shiraz

While in Shiraz strolling the best sites in the city center you have the opportunity to relax in the Alto cafe. The team is big on serving you the best coffee to the customers. They brew top cups from the best shops around the city. The service is great and the team is gracious and helpful. Alongside the perfect decoration with hanging plants on the wall and colorful seats bring joy to those who are eager for a cup of well-roasted coffee. The best part about the cafe is that while you get the feast on finger-licking meals, they also have piles of board games for you and your friends to have fun with.

Street Lounge Cafe Shiraz

The 10 Best Cafes you Should Try in Shiraz

Set in the picturesque and fantasy area of Moali’Abad Blvd, Pezeshkan st is located the entrance of the cafe. With a pretty fairy staircase waiting for you to step inside, the interior is chic and cozy as well. Furthermore, their breakfast choices and snacks are delicious, and exactly what you would need after a long stroll or a hard day. They have a variety of morning-centric from Panini, chicken sandwiches, and mouth-watering burgers with special salad aside to Nutella milkshakes and Saffron ice creams as well.

Shahrzad Cafe 

Shahrzad Cafe Shiraz - The 10 Best Cafes you Should Try in Shiraz

Located within the city but away from the city center from the Pink mosque. Looking for the best place for a nice cup of coffee and an evening snack? Then this is where you should be heading to the right spot. The most helpful review of the place is the delicious pizza choices that everyone compliments. Whether you are a coffee addict or on a romantic date, Shahrzad Cafe has everything is set for you. The cafe is popular for hosting small shops for cups and brewed coffee and is habitually visited by youngsters from all over the city. Have a sip of coffee and best salad with garnish with Parmesan cheese on top.

Zhon Cafe

Zhon Café Shiraz - The 10 Best Cafes you Should Try in ShirazA favorite spot for coffee lovers and foodies, Zhon cafe is exactly what you need to break the tiredness of daily life and chill. lip-smacking food and super reasonable prices, this spot is definitely going to the cafes to visit again. A little slice of cheesecake of Shiraz cheerful sunshine glare out of Zhone cafe in Shiraz. The chic decor of Dracaena and Succulents inside make the simple joys of picking up a glass of mojitos, lemonade or an iced latte easy breezy. A variety of milkshakes available in leaf decorated receptionist tables just ask for it and they will make it ready immediately to have it as a grab-and-go spot with a simple English menu of light meals.

Joulep Cafe


Not far from the city center and the best beautiful attractions of the city near the Vakil Bazaar. The decoration sets up for insiders and outsiders with a clean and minimalistic, to focus on their amazing coffee. If you find yourself waiting on the table, keep in mind that the beans are worth waiting for. Try the morning Omelette in the breakfast section of the menu. If you are looking for something sweet ask for the daily chocolate cake which is a must.


Chamran Hotel Cafe

Want some awesome close-up view of the city of Shiraz? On the 22nd floor of the Chamran Hotel, there is a beautiful cafe on the rooftop, which offers a wide range of drinks and food fairly tastes like heaven. Chamran cafe entices a great weekend for those who came for Sunday brunch or a night with friends. Moreover,  the specials change throughout the week. there are so many fun and classy choice of music play by the musician in the cafe too.

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