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Yazd to Shiraz Pick up Tour (Abarkooh-Pasargad-Persepolis)

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Yazd to Shiraz Pick Up Tour

Our road-trip starts from picking you up from Yazd and going to Shiraz. However, on the way you have the chance to see some of the must-see historical and archeological attractions such as Abarkuh, Pasargad and Persepolis. At the end you’ll be dropped off in the magnificent city of Shiraz.

First, we will go to visit the 5th old tree in the world, Sarv-e Abarkuh, in Yazd. This 4000-year-old tree which is also known as Cypress of Abarkuh and Zoroastrian Sarv is one of the natural monuments that is worth a visit. Suitable natural conditions and its location are the major reasons for this 25 meters high tree’s long life. There are stories that this tree was planted by the Zoroaster. This eternal evergreen tree attracts many people to visit this marvelous natural and historical site.

Pasargad is the other fascinating historical site that you will visit, as you get close to Shiraz. Pasargad was the capital of the Achaemenid empire at the time of Cyrus the Great. Today it is believed to be the mausoleum of this mighty king. This mausoleum has six steps which lead to the chamber with about 3 meters long. There is a story that says when Alexander the Great looted Persepolis, he sent one of his warriors to get in the monument and see what is in it. He found a golden bed, drinking vessels and an inscription on the tomb. There is an disagreement between the experts about what is actually written on it but it is translated as “I am Cyrus, the king of Achaemenid who created an empire in Persia, I know you shall come, grudge me not this little earth that covers my body.” Probably this inscription is the reason that we still have this UNESCO world heritage site.

Persepolis, also known as Takht-e Jamshid was the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid empire. In 515 BC, Darius the Great ordered to build this royal city and it spanned six generations to be completely built. Kings built their own magnificent palaces with big halls, showing the greatness of this tremendous empire. It was a testament to the glory periods of their empire which, unfortunately, after the invasion of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian King, was burned in the fire. Still, the ruins and remains of the high columns and statues can show how glorious the Achaemenid empire was. This UNESCO world heritage site attracts many tourists from all over the world to see the remainings of the empire’s eminence.

Pack your bags, fasten your seatbelts cause we are going to an unforgettable road-trip. A road-trip which contains visiting some of the fascinating sites on the way.


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Created with Sketch. Yazd, Yazd Province, Iran


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Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran



Lovely guide for a great journey through Central Iran

Masoud is a lovely person and a knowledgeable guide, he is helpfull and a nice guide to spend the day with to discover thos admirable sites such as Persepolis.
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran



A lovely guide for an amazing tour through Central Iran

The tour will take you through a nice journey along central iranian roads. Masoud is a lovely person and a lovely guide to spend the day with. A really nice experience and wonderfull way to discover those wonderfull archeological sites, especially Persepolis.
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