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Kharanaq, Chak Chak, Meybod Tour (K.C.M Tour)

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This is a multiple tour since you will observe three sights with an economic aspect, one with religious and mythical features, a village with a rich historic background, and a military citadel.

Kharanaq village

There are top ten villages in Iran as the most-seen sight in which Kharanq is one of them. A historical village that you walk in it for hours with spectacular views which are suitable for taking some professional photos. You have the chance to get to know people’s lifestyles in more than ten centuries.

Chak Chak shrine

This site is set about 115 kilometers northeast of Yazd. After passing Kharanaq village, we will drive through a mountainous road with spectacular views to the most-seen Shine. A Zoroastrian sight, located among mounts. There is a story behind this fascinating site, which is a combination of myth and history.
Zoroastrians, from all over the world, gather there every year from 14th till 18th of June.

City of Meybod

The historic city of the desert. It is located 50 km from the western-north of the city of Yazd. At there you have the chance to visit the following sites.

1. Narin citadel

A citadel with approximately 5000 years old life. It has been used as a stable residential for many dynasties.

2. Caravanserai Shah Abbasi

Imagine you are traveling in a desert and suddenly a group of brigands attack, to plunder your merchandise and probably kill you. There is no place to go. The only way is to escape. After a while, you see the walls of shelter and then you feel safe.
That shelter is called caravanserai; an old inn as a hilly safety place with specific and exclusive structure dating back to 400 hundred years ago.

3. Zilu museum

A 5000-year-old handcraft called Zilu, a kind of Iranian carpet that is famous all over the world. This small museum is located in Caravanserai. There is an 800-year-old Zilu in this museum.

4. Pony Express

How people delivered the mails and governmental messages in olden times in Iran? How old is the post office in Iran? Who was the first king that used this system? What have you heard about the first post office main road in the world? You are going to know all the answers to these questions in this fascinating site.

5. Ice House

There is a building in Meybod which shows us how people in olden times could make huge pieces of ice without any electric devices. If you are so avid to see the olden technology of making ice, accompany us.

6. Pigeon House

How many pigeons have you ever had? Two? Three? Ten? Or twenty? How about 4000 pigeons? Is it possible to feed 4000 pigeons? Which kind of nest is suitable for them? Are you interested to know how people, in four hundred years ago, could feed thousands of pigeons, and Why? If the answer is yes, you are lucky enough to see this attraction.


Location: Yazd
Time: 8:00


Location: Yazd
Time: 17:00

Tour Highlights

Kharanaq village
Chak Chak shrine
Narin Citadel
Zilu Museum
Ice House
Pigeon Tower

What You Can Expect

Nature Hikes
Handicrafts Workshop
Natural Attractions
Cultural Attractions
Historical Attractions
Mythical attractions

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Tour Program

Picking from your hotel
Going to Kharanaq village
Visiting Zoroastrian shrine
Visiting Chak Chak
Heading to Meybod and visiting Narin citadel

Having Lunch

Having a look at Caravansarai
Observing the Zilu waving
Going into the huge Ice pit
Observing the Pigeon House in details
Heading back to Yazd
Dropping off at your hotel

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