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Nearby Yazd to Isfahan Pick up Tour

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: Day trip
Maximum number of people: 4
Location: Yazd

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12 Persons, 41€ each person
23 Persons, 30€ each person
34 Persons, 24.50€ each person


Yazd to Isfahan:

We will Start from Yazd and after visiting Meybod & Naein we will reach to Isfahan. We will visit Narin Castle, Pigeon tower, refrigerator as well as Caravansary in Meybod and Finally we passed by Naein on the way to Isfahan.

In the centre of Meybod, crumbling Narin castle rises imposingly above the town that has grown up around it. Revealing three layers of construction, the oldest foundations suggest some kind of settlement was built here as early as 4000 BC. Legend has it that the castle belonged to King Solomon and was built by jinns (spirits), but whatever the original provenance of the castle’s foundations, most of what can be seen today dates from the Sassanian era.



  • Notes:
    price calculation for cash payment: four persons: 24.50€ per person, three persons: 30€ per person, two persons: 41€ per person
  • If you want to have an English speaking guide as a driver you can choose it at payment and it costs 30 more Euros
    You will be charged 6% for online payment.


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