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Old Tehran Daily Tour

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Old Tehran Daily Tour

During this one day trip, We want to know the history of Iran’s Capital City. Let’s start our day with the National Iranian Museum, the largest archeological and historical museum of Iran. It consists of two distinct buildings covering Iran’s Prehistoric and Islamic times. The ancient Iran museum with red brick facade is located among several towering trees and in front of a large pool. It has two floors full of historical handicrafts which date back to the Paleolithic era. The oldest one is more than one million years old. Don’t forget to visit the artistic objects of the Medes, Parthians and Achaemenids. The other building is the Islamic museum, which covers items from the beginning of Islam to the Qajar era.

While walking on Tehran’s streets, you get familiar with people’s culture, taboos and customs. We will be heading towards one of the best places to get in touch with Tehran’s unique culture: the Tehran City Park (Parke Shahr-e Tehran). In fact, it’s the oldest and the vastest park of Tehran, which has various plants. A gloriously rich library is another reason why the park is so famous. A noticeable section in the park is the Peace Museum of Tehran. Its purpose is to expand Peace all over the world, showing the harmful results of wars using themes from the First & Second World War, the nuclear bombing in Japan and the Iran-Iraq war. The other sections include the aquarium, the birds garden and a sport field.

Our next destination is Golestan Palace. It’s located in the middle of a garden which is registered under Unesco’s World Heritage sites. Construction began in the time of one of the Safavid Kings, Shah Abbas. Later, one of the most important events took place in the same palace, was the crowning of the first Qajar king. When you walk inside, you face a garden covered by lots of tall trees and vivacious plants. The magnificent edifice with lively colors, in front of a turquoise pool, will motivate you to walk in the fresh area for hours and clear your mind. The palatial aristocratic halls make submerge you in a world of art. As Qajar kings started travelling to Europe, they were inspired by the various architectures of the time. You can see their influence all over the many Iranian European styles of the Palace.

The Tehran Grand Bazaar dates back to the Qajar era. Under its arched artistic ceilings, you can stroll through the old winding aisles, and buy souvenirs for your family and friends. The sunlight travels through the traditional air conditioners and makes the bazaar’s atmosphere superbly light. You can also visit some old cafes and traditional gyms (zoorkhaneh) in this bazaar. The renowned Shah Mosque of Tehran, built in the same period as the nearby bazaar. There are four porches on each side of the area and a basin in the middle. You will stand in awe by observing buff-colored bricks and colourful tiles in its facade.

The national jewelry museum of Tehran is placed in the bank security center, related to the jewelry kings bought since Safavid time. We can mention some of the most important items of the collections like Diamond ‘Daria-i-Noor’ (Light sea), Kings’ crowns, thrones and etc. Our latter stop is Azadi Tower, known as Shahyad tower before the revolution. Being a memento for 2500-year Iran celebrations, you easily get impressed by its imposing construction which is a combination of Achaemenid, Sassanid and Islamic architecture.


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Iran National Museum
Golestan Palace
Grand Bazaar
Shah Mosque
National Jewelry Museum

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Picking up from hotel
Visiting Iran National Museum
Walking on streets and inside Shahr Park
Going to Golestan Palace (Main Hall)
Strolling in Tehran Grand Bazaar and Masjed Shah

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Visiting National jewelry Museum
Going to Moghadam Museum or Azadi Tower
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