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Modern Tehran 1979 Daily Tour

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Modern Tehran 1979 Daily Tour

Tehran is the largest city and also the Capital of Iran. Although Tehran is a modern vibrant city but bears ancient values like aristocratic palaces and museums inside. The historical structure of Tehran absorbs tourists like a magnet and motivates them to see the luxurious palaces and royal edifices with admirable architecture. The city’s reckoned for having the best and mildest climate in Iran, although it confronts with the air pollution and traffic in recent years, it doesn’t lessen its undeniable beauty. Tehran’s world-famous symbols are Azadi Tower and Milad Tower.

For the beginning of our tour, let’s head to Niavaran palace, a historical cultural site in the north of Tehran. The palace is located in the center of a garden, built in the time of the Qajar king, Fath Ali Shah. The garden has witnessed many shocking events and incidents since the days of Fath Ali Shah. It has seen kings and dynasties rise and fall, liberation movements getting active and being suppressed while the people endure its consequences. Mass of towering trees has made its garden a suitable habitat for many birds which you can hear their pleasant singing. You can also enjoy lots of intriguing landscapes which make you stop and gaze at them for hours or take photographs.

The tour’s second plan is also a glorious set of palaces called Sa’ad Abad, which is built in foothills of Alborz mountain, north of Tehran. This complex was a vacation resort for Qajar kings as it has the nicest climate in the vast Tehran. But, apart from the Qajar kingdom, both Niavaran and Sa’ad Abad were also used by the last Iranian kingdom, Pahlavi and was affected by both eras. Passing through thousands of trees, plants and cute birds and squirrels, surprisingly, you will notice the Darband river flowing in the middle of Sa’ad Abad garden, which has made its atmosphere very fresh and vivacious.

After a short rest, nothing is better than walking in Tehran Grand Bazaar, which was built by the order of one of the Qajar kings, Naser-E-Din Shah. The winding aisles, arched ceilings and traditional air conditioners have made its architecture special and complicated. You can also visit some old cafes and traditional gyms (zoorkhaneh) in this bazaar. In order to have a more unique view of Tehran, we stroll on Tabi’at (Nature) Bridge, which contains many facilities like cafes and restaurants and you can spend memorable hours on this wonderful bridge. As the last plan, we move to Persian Gulf Lake, the largest artificial lake of Iran, which is a reminder of the real Persian Gulf located in South of Iran. It’s a very popular modern site where you can be entertained by pedal boats, carting, zip line, sky ski, 6D cinema, and etc.


Location: Tehran
Time: 07:00


Location: Tehran
Time: 22:00

Tour Highlights

Azadi Tower
Milad Tower
Persian Gulf Lake
Tabi’at (Nature) Bridge
Sa'ad Abad Palace
Niavaran Palace
War Museum

What You Can Expect

Cultural Attractions
Natural Attractions
Modern Aspects of Tehran

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Tour Program

Having a traditional breakfast in the city
Visiting Niavaran Palace
Visiting Sa'adabad Palace

Visiting the Grand Bazaar and having lunch
Going to Tabi’at (Nature) bridge for watching the sunrise

Visiting the Persian Gulf Lake
Having dinner and relax
Ending the tour and transfer to the hotel

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Created with Sketch. Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran


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