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Lorestan, The Earthly Heaven

Created with Sketch. Lorestan Province, Aligudarz, Ab Sefid Waterfall, Iran
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3 Days 2 Nights

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Daily Tour

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Lorestan, The Earthly Heaven

The tour begins in Tehran and after having breakfast, we move to Doroud town, that is one of the most attracting towns of Lorestan province. It’s located in foothills of Zagros mount and considered as a lively vivacious area. The existence of several waterfalls and the unique Gohar lake has made it a popular tourist destination. This lake has very clean water as you can see the seabed, fishes and plants very obviously and discover the underwater life without diving. Then, we directly head to Bishe waterfall which lies among oak wooded forests and mountains. The next destination is also a waterfall but with a factor which has made it uniquely special. This waterfall, called Time, is located in a cave. The interesting point is that the waterfall flows for 50 minutes and after this time, the water current fully stops for two hours. Meanwhile, we can hear strange sounds in the cave as the atmosphere is more silent.

After exiting the cave, we roam in the area and watch the alluring flowers around. In lunchtime, we will have the traditional kebab of Iran and then move to Ab Sefid waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls of Iran which is known as a gorgeous bride, since the water hitting the rocks converts it into white foam and reminds us of a white bride dress. At the end of the day, we drive to the eco camp of Khoram Abad for accommodating and rest. We begin the next day tour from Makhmal Kouh mountain and after walking one hour in the area we arrive in Makhmal Kouh waterfall and cave. The word makhmal means velvet in Persian and there’s a simile to this area as its covered by lots of green plants and lichens.

We have breakfast next to this waterfall and then shift to Tange Piaz, a sprightly lush land. The particular point about Tange Piaz waterfall is its eye-opening formation. The water comes down through several stone stairs and makes a basin after passing each stair. We sightsee the area for two hours and eat lunch in the same land. The latter plan is getting to Khoram Abad and visit Falak Al Aflak castle. The terrific palatial architecture was built in the Sassanid era, which is placed on a hill near Khoram Abad. In the past, there were 12 towers in the castle but nowadays 8 of them have remained intact. The following attraction is the Gap Bath, a public bath related to the Qajar time. Recently it’s renowned and holds a pleasant classic environment inside. Finally, we get back to the eco camp.

The last day starts with Khazineh Canyon in Poldokhtar town, its marvelous figure has been formed due to many years weathering. The wondrous thing about this amaze is the existence of Karkhe river which spins around the canyon and it’s similar to Grand Canyon National Park. Let’s make our day a bit more thrilling by the other attraction which is a suspended bridge in the same area and considered the tallest bridge in the middle east. As a final plan, we move to Shirz Canyon near Kouh Dashat town. You can walk along Simreh river, while strolling in this breezy heavenly site, relish the high stone pillars and the elegant towering waterfalls. After eating lunch there, we return to Tehran. All in all, in this tour, we’re ready to step with you through Iran’s real beauties and show you different horizons of the country.


Location: Tehran
Time: 04:00


Location: Tehran
Time: 21:00

Tour Highlights

Falak-ol-Aflak Castle
Gahar Lake
Ab Sefid Waterfall

What You Can Expect

Historical Attractions
Handicraft Workshops
Nature Hikes
Outdoor Camping
Crown Imperial

Physical Rating

3 Out of 5


3 Breakfasts | 3 Lunches | 3 Dinners

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Water bottle
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Local House
Eco Camp



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Day 1 : Dorood

Picking up from the hotel in Tehran
Having breakfast
Arriving in Doroud town and visiting Bishe Waterfall

Visiting the Time Cave
Strolling through flower meadows of Lorestan
Having traditional Persian kebab for lunch

Visiting Ab Sefid Waterfall
Getting to eco-camp in Khoram Abad city

Having dinner and resting

Day 2 : Khorramabad

Visiting Makhmal Kouh mountain
Moving towards Makhmal Kouh and hiking for 1 hour
Arriving in Makhmal Kouh waterfall and cave
Having breakfast
Moving towards Piaze Canyon

Arriving in Piazeh Canyon and hiking for 2 hour
Having lunch in Piazeh Canyon

Arriving in Khoram Abad and visiting Falak Al Aflak Castle
Visiting Gap Hammam (traditional bathhouse)

Having dinner
Getting to eco-camp and resting

Day 3 : Koohdasht

Moving towards Khazine canyon
Arriving in Khazine canyon and having breakfast
Moving towards Kouh Dasht Town
Arriving in Kouh Dasht and Shierz Canyon

Having Lunch
Returning to Tehran
Arriving in Tehran and transport to the hotel

Tour's Location

Created with Sketch. Lorestan Province, Aligudarz, Ab Sefid Waterfall, Iran


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