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Kalut Tour Plus Rayen City

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Kalut Tour Plus Rayen City

On this tour, we start moving from Kerman City and head to a town nearby called Mahan. Mahan is located in the southeast of Kerman Province and it’s remarkable due to its natural charms and nice climate.

The most popular attraction in this area is called Shahzadeh Garden (also called Shazdeh Garden). The garden dates back to the Qajar era. It’s placed 2 km from Mahan, on the silk road and that’s why known since the past. Amazingly this paradise lies in a desert region. This land is filled with plenty of plants, trees, and flowing streams. This greenery is the result of snowmelt in near mounts and qanats. Qanat is a traditional Persian system for providing water from the underground reservoirs.  Shahzadeh Garden is nowadays considered one of the most magnificent Persian gardens, registered on UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Let’s move to Rayen, a historical and touristic city in Kerman Province. It’s located in the foothills of Hazar Mount (altitude of 2201 meters) and near silk Road. In this area, the towering plane trees are more than one thousand years. They’re near the congregational mosque of Rayen. The city name used to be Rayeen, which meant a gentle steep qanat in Persian. Rayeen was also the name of a Sassanid commander. The city was very outstanding in the Sassanid era. It was the center for making weapons like swords and clothes trades. The clothes were exported to other countries including Egypt.

Rayen has cold winters and moderate summers. This city is called the paradise of the desert due to its waterfalls, mineral springs and qualified products. 

People in Rayen speak Persian with the dialect of Kermani and have traditional clothes. You can find different handicrafts including rugs, clothes, and pots. There are also traditional sweets, known as the city souvenirs.

Rayen Citadel lies on a hill in the southwest of the city. It’s one of the largest adobe complexes in the world and the largest one after Bam Citadel in Iran. Rayen Citadel’s area is more than 22000 meters square.

Rayen waterfall and Zar Roud River are 14 km from the southwest of Rayen in the foothills of Hazar Mount. The river originates from the snowy foothills and flows down and forms this waterfall.

We can watch Haraz Mount in the south of Rayen. It includes the highest peak in Kerman and various forest trees. There’s a herbal plant called Haraz which grows in this mount’s foothill. That’s why they call it Haraz Mount.

The next stop is Sirch Village, where you can see two of the oldest trees in the world, called the twin cypresses. We can also visit qanats and get familiar with this water system.

Then we get around Shahdad City, where’s near the most wonderful and special part of the tour, Lut Desert. Driving more ahead, you see the flora becomes less and pure sand dunes appear. As you walk in the desert, peace, and silence relax you as you want to watch this landscape for hours. There’s no city crowd, it’s all generous nature. Taking some photos in this cool area is so fun.  

Some spots in the area are recognized to have the hottest temperature of the earth. That’s the reason the desert is well-known. We step in a land full of various sandy shapes, called kaluts. All are naturally made by the erosion of wind, soil, and rain. Nebka is another phenomenon, known as desert vases. The wind blows and the plant gradually absorbs soil around its stem. Due to all these charms, an area of Lut Desert is registered on UNESCO Heritage Sites.

Other attractions are egg-shaped hills, the salty river, and historical caravansaries. We head back to Kerman in the afternoon.


Location: Kerman
Time: Morning


Location: Kerman
Time: Afternoon

Tour Highlights

Shahzadeh Garden
Rayen City
Sirch village
Shahdad town
Water Reservoir
Water Mill
Nebka Jungle
Egg Hills
Salty River
Historical Caravansaries

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Natural Attractions
Cultural Attractions
Historical Attractions

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Tour Program

Departure from Kerman
Visit Shahzadeh Garden
Getting around Rayen City
Sirch village and an old cypress tree
Nebka jungle and an old flowing qanat
Kaluts, trekking, photography
Egg hills and salty river
Departure for Kerman

Arrival in Kerman and end of tour

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Created with Sketch. Kerman, Kerman Province, Iran


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