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10 Days Culinary Tour – Food & Tradition



10 Days

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10 Days



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You might not speak Farsi, but everyone can connect through food. Enjoy the seasonal and earthy flavors of mountainous northern Iran, from Qazvin to Lahijan & Rasht. See how Iran’s central desertous landscape inspired dishes in Isfahan, Shiraz & Kashan.

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- Visa Authorization Code
- Travel Insurance
- Airport Pick-up, Drop-off
- All Accommodations
- One Domestic Flight
- Private Land Transport
- English Speaking Guide
- Entrance Fees for Mentioned Monuments
- Breakfast
- 24/7 Support


- Visa Fee
- International Flights
- Lunch, Dinner & Snacks
- Guide & Driver Tips
- Additional Expenses (i.e. Laundry)
- Personal Expenses
- Additional Costs Due to Unforeseen Events

  • Tehran
  • Lahijan
  • Rasht
  • Qazvin
  • Kashan
  • Isfahan
  • Shiraz
  • Tehran
Mehr als zufrieden! Waren vor Corona im Iran und hatten anfangs Probleme mit dem Visum. Wenige Tage nachdem wir uns an TAP Persia gewendet hatten, hatten wir das Visum in der Hand. Auch bei anderen Fragen oder Problemen stand uns das Unternehmen schnell und freundlich zur Seite!Wir waren von TAP Persia mehr als begeistert und können deren Leistungen zu 100% weiterempfehlen!
Anirban b
Anirban b
Patient and informative. 5star tour guide. We were a group of 4.Thanks to our last moment schedule we had not booked a tour. Tappersia was kind enough to let the local tour guide know and he was very promptly arranged to meet us for the FREE ISFAHAN WALKING TOUR. Amin was the tour guide. He greeted us warmly as we entered Chehre Sotoon palace and what started there ended up with it being the most interesting walk of my life. He was patient with our queries and waited as our mixed group which had people from Spain and Argentina with us.... As info had to be translated for them to Spanish. A free walk in any part of the world usually lasts for an hour or two.... Not amin he would treat all our doubts and questions with respect and answer them.... Ended up with the free walk lasting more than half a day. Will go with 4/5 stars for Amin.
Visa support For the letter of invitation we had some problems with the application. But we got very quick and helpful support. The problem was solved immediately and in a professional way. Very friendly support team with very good English language skills.
Visa application Many thanks to TAP Persia for the fast, uncomplicated and inexpensive visa procurement. I felt in good hands. Highly recommend!
Beautiful city! Really enjoyed doing the walking tour in Isfahan with Samaneh! Her good English and in-depth knowledge in history and arts, not to mention her fun personality, made it a great experience for me 😉
Marin D
Marin D
E-Visa for Iran After i got contact from other travellers which recommended agency Tap Persia, called them same day. From our first communication till end of visa proccess which lasted only few days thanks to them 🙂 They explained every step and during all procces, they were at service to assist me so everything is going well. You could contact them by Whatapp, mail or by phone so easy to reach and speak with them. Very proffesional service! I highly recommend Tap Persia if you want to have smooth process of getting E-Visa
Florent G
Florent G
Visa for Iran I've been told by a friend about tappersia, and yeah, they helped me so much and woow so fast! The payment didn't work on the website but even they helped me for the code. The person who helped me spoke so good english so it was very easy to go on. Thank you for your time and help!
Mionah L
Mionah L
Excellent and fast service I wanted to buy travel insurance from them but their payment system wasn't working so I used the chat functionality on their website, they got back to me within 15 min, they contacted me directly, sent me the insurance papers before I even paid and showed so much goodwill. I was really astonished by their fast response and great service!
Visa TAP Persia est une agence très efficace et très professionnelle. La réponse pour le service visa est très rapide et d'un coût modéré. Mes interlocuteurs ont été professionnels et charmants. Je les recommande très vivement.
Most relaxed holiday thanks to Tappersia We came to Iran in a troubled time so booked everything through Tappersia just so that we would feel a bit more secure but the experience was beyond expectations. I have never had a more relaxed holiday. Everything was already booked for us; we had a private car picking us up every time we changed places, offering tours and stops in between all this on a very affordable price and always being there for every question we had. Totally recommend!

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With over 15 million residents, Tehran is Iran’s melting pot of Fars, Turk, Lor, and many other ethnicities. Start with the World Heritage-listed Golestan Palace, then it’s off to the National Museum of Iran. For lunch, try Dizi Sangi (a hearty mutton Persian stew thickened with chickpeas) near the maze-like Grand Bazaar of Tehran. At night, head towards 30th Tir Street for a buffet of street dining selections including sandwiches, kabobs, and sharbats like Basil-seed and Khakshir (Persian Bubble Tea) drinks.


Get out of the city and head northeast towards Rasht, where you’ll be greeted by the fresh Caspian air. Drive through the Caspian region towards Lahijan. Visit black tea production lines from spring to summer. Stop for lunch at Lahijan’s legendary Ziba Restaurant. Try the signature Kebab Torsh (ground beef with pomegranate sauce), the Mirza Ghasemi (smoked eggplant and garlic dip) or the Baghali Ghatogh (fava beans, dill & egg dip). Enjoy the views, then spend the night in Swans Farm Hotel.


Early morning, head to a local Rasht Fishmarket to shop for lunch supplies. Afterwards, load up on Fuman cookies (thick chewy cookies with walnut & nutmeg filling) before heading towards the Instagram-worthy, stepped village of Masouleh. For Lunch, enjoy a home cooked Gilaki Fish (smokey garlic & herbs) using the morning’s fish. Depart for the Saravan Forest Park for a quick hike, and off to Saravan Jungle Lagoon for some paddle boat rides, before coming back to the Rasht guesthouse for the night.


In the morning head towards Qazvin, one of the oldest cities in Northern Iran. Stop by one of the best preserved caravanserais of old, the Sa'd al-Saltaneh Caravanserai. Visit the Negarossaltaneh Cafe for an assortment of Sharbats (extract drinks). For lunch, visit a local establishment to try Gheymeh Nesar (Persian jeweled rice with shredded lamb). Visit the Jame Mosque of Qazvin along with the must-see Chehel Sotoun pavilion, a precursor to the one in Isfahan. Make your way to Kashan for the night.


Explore the earthen charms and quaint streets of the desert city Kashan. For lunch, try locally-made Camel Stew and non-alcoholic malt. After lunch, head towards Agha Bozorg Mosque, a multilevel school that served as the center of local life. Visit the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse for a lesson in classic bathing. You also get to see the fascinating Abbasian House & Tabatabaei House, two examples of opulent homes with exceptional details. Spend the night in Kashan.


In the morning, drive towards Isfahan and visit the 16th c. Naqsh-e Jahan Square. Explore the Qeysarie Bazaar, filled with intoxicating spices, handicrafts & carpets. Visit the Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque, the Shah Mosque, & the six-story Ali Qapu Palace. For lunch, stop at a local diner for an Isfahani beryan (lamb patties & flatbread) along with a dough (yoghurt drink). At night, visit the Khaju Bridge or Si-o-Se Pol Bridge to enjoy a Traditional Saffron Ice Cream (made from the plant sahlab & cream).


Visit the Chehel-sotun Palace, the royal Safavid reception, and a local Carpet Workshop in the morning. For lunch, participate in a Persian Cooking Class to cook classics such as ghormeh sabzi (vegetable & lamb stew) or fesenjoon (walnut & pomegranate stew). In the afternoon, stroll along the Chaharbagh Abbasi St. and enjoy a fereni pudding (rice flour & rosewater). Visit a local gaz (pistachio nougat) production line to see how the treats are made before buying a few as souvenirs. Stay overnight in Isfahan.


In the morning, head towards the World Heritage-listed Persepolis, once the center of the Persian Empire and one of the great cities of the ancient world. Explore the 2,500 year old details of the Naqsh-e Rostam Necropolis, a royal graveyard of massive tombs, carved straight into the mountainside. Generations of Persian kings have carved their victories and stories within the permanent folds of the rocks. Afterwards, spend the night in Shiraz.


Arrive before 8 am for the best views of the Nasir ol-Molk “Pink” Mosque. Visit the Citadel of Karim khan and enjoy a cool cup of orange blossom sharbat. Stop by the Tomb of Hafez, the worldwide-renowned Persian poet. Visit the Vakil Complex, then try a sweet Faloodeh Shirazi (rice noodle & rose water). Finish the day with dinner with a local Shirazi family. Prepare local favorites such as Shirazi Salad (cucumber, tomato & onion), Kalam Polo, or Shirazi Polo (dill rice & ground meat). Fly to Tehran overnight.


Fly to Tehran in the morning. If you have time, stop by any one of the local cafes for a last-minute breakfast, such as the Persian Omelette (eggs tomatoes), the classic Persian breakfast (flatbread, cheese, butter, walnut, honey, jam), or Halim (porridge & lamb) before your departure. Time permitting, explore the city one last time before heading off towards IKIA.

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Is travel insurance included?
Yes. We include Iranian travel insurance with up to 10k in medical coverage in every tour package over 7 days.
Are Entrance fees included?
Yes. All entrance fees to all listed attractions are included. If you wish to see additional attractions, you will have to pay separate entrance fees for each one.
Will we have a guide with us?
Yes. Your tour will be led by a local guide from each region or city you visit.
Are meals included?
Only breakfast. Our package tours are half-board, meaning you are responsible for your lunch and dinner.
Do hotel rooms have private bathrooms?
Yes. Iranian hotels are quite similar to western hotels.
Is this tour private?
Yes. All package tours are tailor-made for you and your group.
How much is the deposit?
40% for each traveler. Our prices are based on your group size and preferences in accommodation, transportation and sites.
What costs will I have on this tour?
Your international flight to and from Iran, visa fees, meals (breakfast included), and personal expenses.
How do I get my visa?
Once we process your visa, you can pick it up before you come, at one of Iran’s global embassies or consulates, or upon your arrival, at the Iranian airport.
Can I stay longer once my tour is finished?
Yes. We can help you extend your visa for up to 90 days. We can also help plan the rest of your trip and book your accommodations, transportation, and reservations.
Can I change parts of my trip?
Yes. We can adjust your package tour based on your interests and preferences. Some details, such as bookings and reservations, can require 1-7 days prior notice.
Can we share a room if we are not married?
Yes. If you and your partner are non-Iranian, you will not be asked about your marital status. If you are traveling with an Iranian partner of the opposite sex, hotels may give you a hard time when it comes to shared rooms.
Will we have free time while traveling?
Yes. Your package will be equally divided between the scheduled time and free time. You can also adjust your tour package based on your interests and preferences.
I am vegetarian/vegan. Will I find decent meal options?
Yes. Iranian cuisine includes multiple vegetarian and vegan dishes. Ask your local guide to show you the best dishes, snacks, and food options.
Can I ask my questions in a video call before I book my tour?
Yes. We are available to call 24/7. Schedule your video with us and we will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.
Can I get a discount on this tour?
Yes. We offer first-time-traveler and seasonal discounts. Let us know when you plan on booking your tour and we will tell you all our active discounts for that time.
I’m an American. Can I book this tour?
Yes. Be prepared for 2-3 months of visa processing, but once you are in Iran, you will be treated like every other traveler.
I’m British. Can I book this tour?
Yes. Be prepared for 2-3 months of visa processing, but once you are in Iran, you will be treated like every other traveler.
I’m Canadian. Can I book this tour?
Yes. Be prepared for 2-3 months of visa processing, but once you are in Iran, you will be treated like every other traveler.
How long does it take to get my visa?
For most travelers, it takes about 2-3 business days to get your visa authorization code. For Americans, Brits, and Canadians, it may take 2-3 months to get your visa authorization code. Once you have your code, you need to pick up your actual visa. If you’re picking up your visa before you arrive, you have 30 days to get your visa at the embassy or consulate, and then 90 days after that to visit Iran. If you’re picking up your visa at the airport, you have 90 days from the time you get your authorization code to enter Iran.
Can I access the internet in Iran?
Your SIM card will not work in Iran, but hotels, restaurants, and cafes often have internet access. If you want to have internet on-the-go, we can get you an Iranian SIM card and modem for the time you are here.
How can I pay for this tour?
Bank transfer to our bank account in Germany.
Does our transport have A/C?
Yes. If you have any preferences, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.
Are the guides licensed?
Yes. All of our local guides are licensed professionals.
Is the tour in English?
Yes, but they can also be led in other languages based on your request.


Based on 6 reviews
Very Good
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran

Kelly W


Amazing Food 😍!!!

The food was amazing and our guide was funny and informative. I had a truly great time as our guide also pointed out other great restaurants in the area.
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran

Cynthia Hull


Awesome trip!

Awesome trip. Kevin and I enjoyed our comfortable seats, taking the nap between cities and our guide let us have our time enjoying the tour as we like. Mojtaba is a true professional guide he exceeded our expectations. If I had an option of booking another tour for the future it would be through Tappersia.
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran



10 days of happy belly!

Great experience! everything was perfect and smooth. It was 10 days of zero stress and anxiety. Mojtaba did everything from the beginning and let us enjoyed the view. He explain all the spots and let us take pictures afterward. try it!
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran

Olive Ellis


Love, love , Love

I loved all the places we visited during our time in Iran. This trip was all worth it. our guide Mahroo was fully maximized. She carried her coffee maker set and made us some. Very kind and patient young lady. The whole group became friends after all. I would give this tour 5 stars and I would highly recommend it to my friends.
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran

Joji Townsend


Great tour by an axcellent guide

Sometimes the key to the success of the holiday is to have a well-organized trip itinerary. Once we confirmed payment for the tour, Rasool immediately contacted us via WhatsApp to introduce himself and gave us the detail of the tour and the number of the guide. All in all, during the tour, we were having fun and enjoyed ourselves. I will be back in Iran and for sure have the trip managed by tappersia! fully recommended!
Travel Around Persia |  Plan Your Budget Trip to Iran

James Gou


Best of Iran in 10 days

Great tour! we saw a lot in a short amount of time. It was a fast trip but enjoyable! we had an awesome tour eating and learning about the ancient great Persia. Our guide was very knowledgeable and patient with our interests. we enjoyed ourselves. Hope to come back soon.
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