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Shahdad Kalouts, Shahdad, Kerman Province, Iran


Nearby Day Trip to Shahdad Kalouts Desert

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 1 Day
Maximum number of people: 4
Location: Kerman

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12 Persons, 52€ each person
23 Persons, 42€ each person
34 Persons, 37€ each person


A day trip to Shahdad Kalouts desert starts at 1 pm till 8 pm and includes:
Hiking in the desert, watching the sunset at the desert, visiting 2 sights in the desert (Nebka park and Qanat) , dinner in an Eco-lodge in the desert , back to Kerman.

The Mysterious city of Lut, the largest sand city in the world, is a result of a series of contiguous Kalouts which, like tall and short walls form long labyrinths in between (Lat), are connected to each other. Iran’s Kalouts are a unique combination of form and space. Sometimes one can notice the rare color of pink in the natural palate of desert nature.
If you are lucky at sunset, after a rain & dust storm, the sky of the Lute desert splashes a beautiful red light. It is as if you are at an ocean’s coastline & the Kalouts are ships floating gracefully before you.
Until the last decade, only research organizations traveled to Iran’s Kalouts.


What you need: Proper clothes, Camera
What we provide: Transportation from Kerman, English speaking Guide, Drinking water.


  • Price calculation for cash payment: four persons: 37€ per person, three persons: 42€ per person, two persons: 52€ per person
  • You will be charged 6% for online payment.

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