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Yazd Province, Mehriz - Anar Expressway, Iran


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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 1 Day trip
Maximum number of people: 4
Location: Yazd

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12 Persons, 26€ each person
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Mehriz Qanat & Saryazd Tour:
Spots: Qanats, Trees, Saryazd Castle and Caravanserai

In this trip we will see working Qanats in the garden city of Mehriz. Hasan Abad Qanat whose mother well starts from Mehriz and flows for over 40kms north into and through Yazd. In Mehriz there is a public access point where it is possible to go under the ground through stairs in order to watch the water passing by. Known as the Hasan Abad Qanat, It is inscribed as UNESCO world heritage.

There is also a 2000 years-old Cypress tree in Mehriz. It is protected by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran as a national natural monument and is likely the second-oldest living thing in Yazd province after Abarkooh cypress tree.
Saryazd fortress in the nearby village of Saryazd is one of important sites in Mehriz city. The Sassanian era defensive structure, which is double-walled, surrounded by a moat and three floor in parts, is remarkably well preserved. Nevertheless, after a couple of hours here, it’s not hard to see why Saryazd has been so historically unconquerable.
Also it is possible to link this tour with located-in Yazd sites like towers of silence and Zoroastrian fire temple.


  • Calculation Price for cash payment: four persons:16€ per person, three persons:19€ per person, two persons: 26€ per person
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