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Badab Soort Terraces Springs, Orost, Mazandaran Province, Iran


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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 2 Days
Maximum number of people: 4
Location: Tehran

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12 Persons, 120€ each person
23 Persons, 90€ each person
34 Persons, 75€ each person


Badab Surt:

Duration: 2 Days
Trip Dates: All year round

A set of two mineral hot springs located in Mazandaran, Iran, Badab Soort Terrace Springs are one of only a handful active hot spring areas around the world. Situated west of the historic Orost Village, the Badab-e Surt Terrace springs have been active for many centuries, releasing carbonate minerals resulting in some truly magnificent travertine terraces covered in a variety of vibrant colors. The green, blue and predominantly red hue of the springs are especially gorgeous during sunset, when the suns rays reflect off the brilliant colors of the terraces, creating a breathtaking panorama. The climate is mostly mild throughout the spring and summer. Similar hot springs around the world include Mammoth Hot Springs in the United States and Pamukkale in Turkey.


The tour starts from Tehran to Badab Surt natural springs.
This trip is highly recommend to nature and adventure lovers.

On this trip we will visit so many beautiful natural scenes like Chort lake.

We will spend a night in Orost village (Camping or  a local house) and we will head back to Tehran the next day after visiting the Badab surt springs.

What you need: Proper shoes & clothes
What we provide: Transportation from Tehran, Accommodation, Drinking water, Breakfast, Lunch & dinner.

  • Notes:
    price calculation for cash payment: four persons: 75€ per person, three persons: 90€ per person, two persons: 120€ per person
    You will be charged 6% for online payment.

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