What is the most dangerous animal in Iran?
The most dangerous animals in Iran are the leopard in northern Iran, and the viper in central and southern Iran.
What wild animals live in Iran?
Thanks to the country’s incredibly diverse landscape, Iran is home to various unique species of birds (eagle, jay, pinch), mammals (deer, gazelle) and reptiles (viper).
Where are the best places in Iran to see wildlife?
Iran’s most wild-life rich areas include central Iran’s Kavir National Park and northern Iran’s Golestan National Park.

What animal represents Iran?
The Asiatic lion used to be featured on the Iranian flag before the Islamic Revolution. Unfortunately, the lion is currently extinct throughout Iran.
Where is Iran’s best nature & wildlife protected area?
One of Iran’s most pristine nature reserves is Golestan National Park in northern Iran and Kavir National Park in central Iran.


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