Your FAQs Answers

Are free walking tours really free?
Compared to private tours, for which you need to pay in advance, free walking tours are considered totally free. You book free walking tours, join them and at the end you are welcome to tip the tour guide what you can or feel like to pay.
How do Free Walking Tours work?
Free walking tours are organized by local tour guides who offer a free tour to travelers and show them the must-see places in their cities. As the title suggests, they are free since you don’t pay to book them, while you can tip the tour operator or guide at the end.
Do I have to book the tour in advance?
By googling free walking tours in addition to the name of your destination, you can come across a variety of tours in each country; such as “Isfahan free walking tours” or “free walking tour in Kerman”. Some are offered by travel agencies and some by local people who have their own business account on social media or websites. TAP Persia provides Iran free walking tours in Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and Kerman cities, for instance.
How do I cancel my tour?
Since there is no prepayment in free walking tours, all you need to cancel your tour is contacting your tour organizers and informing them about the change in your plan or asking them for another free walking tour on the next day.
How much should I pay for a free tour by foot?
There is no specific amount to suggest as free walking tours’ tip. Some suggest $7-&10 dollars per person as the minimum but you can definitely tip more if you enjoyed the time you spent with your tour guide.
How many people can I bring on Iran free walking tours?
A free walking tour can be organised with one person or for a group of 20 people, depending on the decision of your tour operator. Some tour guides, however, suggest private tours for groups of six or more since they are flexible in time and planning. So contact your tour organizer to make sure about the number of people you can bring with yourself on a free walking tour.
What are the advantages of free walking tours?
Free walking tours provide you with a unique free chance to explore a city, with a group of travelers who share the same travel interests as you. Furthermore, It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know the most stunning sites of a city in less than a day! Free walking tours are among earth-friendly tours all around the world since you stroll and explore on your foot and other transportation means. These tours are also so popular for their quality since the only source of income for free walking tour guides are the tips that travelers give them only if they have enjoyed the tour.