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FAQs Answers

Which deserts should I visit in Iran?
If you want to experience unique outdoor landscapes, you should visit the following Iran deserts: Varzanes, Lut, Gandom Beryan, Mesr & Maranjab. Each look otherworldly in their own way.
How long are Iran desert tours?
Iran desert tours are completely flexible. Common itineraries range from half-day tours to 4-day desert camps.
What type of deserts does Iran have?
Iran’s deserts are primarily sandy. Varzaneh, Gandom Beryan, Mesr & Maranjab deserts are made of varying dunes while Lut desert is more rocky and rugged.
How is the weather at night in Iranian deserts?
The best time to visit Iranian deserts are in the summer and spring, when the weather is mild. Fall and winters are extremely cold at night.
What equipment should I bring to my Iran desert tour?
All you need to bring with you on Iran desert tours are warm, comfortable clothes. All necessary equipment such camps will be provided.
Should I visit Lut or Varzaneh desert?
If you only have one or half-day to enjoy deserts, Varzaneh, Maranjab or Mesr deserts are the best.but for desert camps of two or more days, Lut desert and Gandom Beryan are highly suggested to you.
Do desert tours include an outdoor camp?
In most cases, desert tours do include sleeping in a tent. Where available, you also have the option of local guest houses or ecolodges.
Is a half- day visit enough for an Iran desert tour?
If you only have a half or full day to visit Iranian deserts, you can visit Varzaneh, Maranjab or Mesr desert.
What activities can I do on a desert tour?
Iran desert tours offer a whole host of activities such as camel riding, cooking fireside meals, visiting nearby salt lakes, stargazing, sunset watching and camping. Check out the variety in these Iran desert tours.