Zinatolmolook House House is one of the monuments of Qajar dynasty. It took about 12 years to build this house. The ceilings of most of this house rooms are made of wood with decorative images of  animals, birds, plants and flowers. This house is located near Ghavam Garden and is connected to the main building of the garden through an underground tunnel.

In the courtyard, a beautiful garden and a two large and small ponds are found. The arches made of seven-color tiles in front of the building has a special beauty and has images of the sun, two angels, two lions with swords in their hands and a verse of Quran written “Help from God and Early Victory”. Except the roofless Iwan in the east of the garden in the East, there are 20 rooms interconnected together around the courtyard. In the west wing of the building, there is a Main Hall with mirror works and European-style plaster works. Inside the house, there are wax models of celebrities of Shiraz past.






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