What does Yazd have to offer?
Yazd, the city of windcatchers, has many historical and natural attractions to offer.
What is Yazd known for?
Yazd is known for its historical windcatchers, Zoroastrians Fire Temple, and other historical and natural attractions.
What kind of special food does Yazd have?
Yazd is famous for its special Iranian soups, known as Ash-e Alu, Ash-e Gandom, and Ash-e Sholi Yazd.
Where should I go in Yazd?
Every street with its mud-brick buildings has something to show you.
How many people live in Yazd?
The population of 2020 in Yazd is 565,449.
What kind of transportation is better to be taken in Yazd?
You can easily take a taxi and go wherever you want.
Should we expect to see night life in Yazd?
Sure, in some streets of Yazd you can go for a night walk and enjoy.