Are you looking for a nice vacation in the heart of nature? Would you like to spend a night outside and immerse yourself in pure and pristine nature? Imagine a thought-provoking situation in which a soft gentle breeze is blowing while you are looking at shining stars; do you want to escape from the big cities’ stressful life? Undoubtedly you need to spend some days in Ilam, the area of pure and pristine nature.

About Ilam

Ilam is about 710 kilometers far from Tehran. The city is surrounded by some mounts which are covered by oak forests. It is built on the remains of Sassanid civilization and has an interesting history. It is narrated that “Hussein Ali Khan was apparently the most powerful governor of the Poshtkuh area. He built aristocratic houses, camps, and mansions in the place where is known as Ilam today.” That’s how the place became the summer center of Poshtkuh governors. It was only during the Pahlavi period that the city was named “Ilam.”

What Ilam Offers

There are remains of tens of mills in Ilam, so visit some of them – of course, a number of them are still working. Also, don’t forget to visit the inscription of Golgol that will show you the long history of human civilization in the region – it was inscribed more than 3000 years ago. You shouldn’t miss the Vali Qal’e (The Governor Castle), one of the beautiful historical tourist attractions of Ilam. This is a memorial building of the Qajar dynasty which is built by the governor, Gholam Reza Khan. Then, go to the beautiful palace of the city, Ilam Falahati Palace. It is another memorial building of the Qajar dynasty in the city. Visit the Natural History Museum of Ilam and wander among different species of animals and plants. Get closer and live with local people’s religion for a while and visit the unique mosque of Saheb Al-Zaman. Then you may want to relax among the old trees of Sarab Park and spend a night in Manesht and Ghelarang Protected area.

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