Tabriz Bazaar

Tabriz Bazaar

Tabriz Historic Bazaar which is considered the largest covered bazaar in the world and the oldest bazaar of the Middle East is located in the center of Tabriz city in northwestern Iran. Tabriz bazaar was one of the most important commercial centers on the silk road.

Tabriz Historic Bazaar was already flourishing in the 13th century when the city was the capital of Safavid dynasty(1500-1700). It remained important as a commercial center until the 18th century when the Ottoman increased in power. This UNESCO-Listed bazaar has been a traditional commercial and cultural system of Iran due to its strategic location along the silk road.The architecture of this magnificent monument, in spite of its location, serves as a testament to a cultural tradition.

This remarkable structure consists of a series of interconnected, covered brick structures and buildings. They are designed for multi-functional and trade-related activities, associated with social gatherings, educational, political and religious practices. In fact the bazaar has been equally important as a social center and also a commercial hub. The fantastic architecture of the bazaar with a singular monolithic material has turned it into a great masterpiece.

Tabriz Historic Bazaar has served as the center of international, commercial and cultural exchanges through centuries. Although it has been affected by social and economic changes, the bazaar continues serving different generations that are still alive.


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