A traditional tea house is an establishment which primarily serves tea and other light refreshments. Although its function varies widely depending on the culture, tea houses often serve as canters of social interaction, like coffeehouses.

Some cultures have a variety of distinct tea-entered houses of different types, depending on the national tea culture. For example, the British or American tearoom serves afternoon tea with a variety of small cakes.

There are beautiful and special paintings in tea houses which were created in Iran with the advent of teahouses during the Safavid era (1501-1722). The paintings were based on epic and religious themes and led ‘naqqali’ and ‘pardeh-khani’ performances.

There are different tea houses in Isfahan in different neighbours such as Khaghani, Jolfa, Naghshe jahan square, Abbasi Hotel and city center .

TAP Persia Recommendation:

1- Toranj Food Complex (Hovhannes House)
This restaurant/Traditional tea house/ coffee shop is located in Julfa district in Isfahan .It is a historical nice building with a very nice ambiance especially the garden is beautiful.You can have a different type of food, tea and coffee.  Location

2- Sharbat Khaneh Firuz
This traditional typical Iranian cafe is located in the heart of Jolfa, the Armenian quarter of Isfahan. Nice renovated place with Safavid style . It makes you feel great to sit and drink some special herbal tea. It’s the best place for tasting the traditional Persian food and drink specially herbal tea. they also have different menu for breakfast. Location

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