What does Tehran have to offer?
Tehran has many amazing things to offer. From natural attractions to historical attractions including forest parks, traditional Bazaars, luxurious malls, and many other must-see attractions.
What is Tehran known for?
Besides its crowded streets and its heavy traffic, Tehran is probably best known for its symbol towers, Milad and Azadi. In addition, it has great historical and natural attractions that definitely worth visiting.
What kind of special food does Tehran have?
Tehran has every Iranian traditional food you are willing to try.
Where should I go in Tehran?
You can check out this article to see the top 10 attractions in Tehran.
How many people live in Tehran?
About 9 million people live in Tehran until 2020, the capital city of Iran.
What kind of transportation is better to be taken in Tehran?
Due to its heavy traffic, probably the best transportation in Tehran is the metro. So you can get anywhere you want faster than taking a taxi or going by bus.
Should we expect to see the nightlife in Tehran?
Absolutely! Tehran is also alive at night with less traffic and amazing things to see at night.