Following heavy snowfall in Iran’s western and northern regions including Tehran, two major airports in the city have been unable to operate, leading to widespread flight cancellations or diversions. Imam Khomeini International Airport and Mehrabad Airport have been on a standstill since Saturday (27 Jan) and as of Monday morning (29 Jan), the situation has yet to improve even though it is no longer snowing.

Travellers affected are keeping a close eye on the flight arrivals and departure, awaiting good news. Those who are not at the airport can check out FlightRadar ( to see if there are any successful landings or take-offs from the airport, which would be a positive signal.

On the ground, the blanket of snow has led to massive traffic jams, stranded trains and school closures. While thousands of unfortunate locals and travellers are inconvenienced by the unprecedented snowfall, there are many others who are making the best of it by enjoying the winter wonderland.


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