Taxis are one of the most important transportations you will use in your visit to Iran. Taking a taxi won’t be a problem in Iran. You can take it anywhere and whenever you wish to go somewhere. However, you should have in mind that there are various kinds. Taxis in Iran are yellow in color but vary in type of the car. Sometimes you might find green or white taxis with a strip on them as well. Different types of taxis including yellow ones, which you can take on the street, taxi agencies (phone taxis), wireless taxis (calling 133), taxis for women (calling 1821) and the easiest and most convenient way, Snapp (same as Uber). You can choose any kind you desire. Here are some tips to take a taxi and know how to deal with taxi drivers.

One of the issues of taxis in Iran is that the only kind that has taximeter is the wireless taxi. The other cars just ask for the price they desire, so the price varies from car to car. What we offer is to ask for the price beforehand. Before getting in, negotiate with the cab driver, ask for the typical price and then get in the vehicle.

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How to Take a Taxi

In all of the streets, you will see a taxi stand with a lot of drivers calling and asking passengers to a specific destination; This is the first way to take a taxi. If you know it is your destination, don’t hesitate to get in. What happens is that you will share the price with other passengers and the driver can’t charge you more. The shared taxi is cheaper but then you need to find out if they’re directly heading to your destination or you need to change several ones to get there. The second way is hailing a taxi and say “Darbast”, which literally means door-closed, it means that you want a private taxi, so the driver is not allowed to stop on the route for another passenger. This way is not really recommended since the driver can demand a triple fee. Do it unless you have no other choice and you don’t have access to other public transportations or you are not able to get a Snapp by using the internet on your phone. However, if you wish the taxi driver take you directly to the destination, do not forget this magic word “Darbast”. Another way is easily asking your hotel to call for a wireless taxi, taxi agency or women’s taxi (taxis by female drivers for female passengers), which is an easy way but it may cost a little more. The last and most economical way is Snapp. The price is obvious, the vehicle is all yours and it will get you directly to your desired destination. However, remember that you should always negotiate the price before you get in a regular cab with no taximeter.


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