Tangeh Dom-e Asb waterfall is located in Koohmareh Sorkhi, 50 kilometers south of the city of Shiraz. It is one the most beautiful and untapped areas in Fars that is spectacular due to its access through the river and the water passages. To access this strait, we have to go to Korebass village near Shiraz. Oak and other forest trees and bushes and high mountains show the untapped nature and natural beauty of the area.

Along the way from the top of the mountain, a deep valley, in the middle of which the Dom Asb river is flowing, can be seen. This river flows into the Korebass village after passing a narrow path. In the continuation of the river path, a landslide has made a small lake of 200 meters long that one can pass through it by boat or swimming. Continuing along this path leads to the waterfall. It is advisable to go to this area with hiking and climbing equipment.


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