Masjed Jame Street

After spending the whole day visiting all the beautiful sites offered by Yazd, now it’s time to relax and rest. In the night time, there is a place where you can escape the commotion of the city. Since no cars are allowed and nothing can disturb you, Masjed Jame Street, located in the historic part [...]
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Yazd, The City of Windcatchers

Yazd, The City of Windcatchers. Located 270 km southeast of Isfahan, Yazd is the capital of Yazd province and is currently the 15th largest city in Iran. The name Yazd means “god” in the middle Persian language. The city deserves this name due to its many Zoroastrian fire temples which contain holy fires, one of [...]
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Zoorkhaneh and Varzeshe-Pahlevani

Varzeshe-Pahlevani (Varzeshe-Bastani) is an Iranian sport that dates back to ancient Persia. It is a combination of martial arts, strength training and music. Way before bodybuilding, Persians used to practice weightlifting in Zoorkhaneh. We can see this tradition present in ancient Iranian stories. In the epic of Rustam, the hero of Shahnameh (a poetic masterpiece [...]
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