Iran Travel Experience

In 2018, I started my solo backpacking trip back to the middle east, I had fallen in love with the region years before. However, I had never been to a very special and truly unique country of that region yet, Iran. I have met numerous people who had visited Iran and had completely fallen in [...]
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Everything you need to know about Iranian money!

Iran is probably one of the only countries in the world that somehow has two money currencies! According to those who have traveled to Iran, Money currency is one of the most confusing things here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the hang of it. In this post, we’ll try to explain how the [...]
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Is Iran becoming more open because of all the tourists that are coming to the country?

Iran is surely becoming more open and there are different factors involved. Access to international media and internet are the most important ones. In the past, we saw satellite TV make huge changes even in the most traditional cities of Iran. It made people across the board, more open minded. Tourists are playing the same […]

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Can female tourists not wear headscarf all the time?

Unfortunately, wearing a headscarf for female tourists from the moment they arrive in Iran is a must. The country is very strict on this one particular point. When in public spaces, the headscarf should remain. However, it is perfectly fine to have some hair showing. Many Iranian women wear it loose and have only half […]

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Iran Food and Drinks

Iran Foods Finding Traditional Food Amongst the Fast Food It’s there but you have to do some digging on where to go and find delicious Iranian cuisine. Vegetable and pomegranate stews, or the traditional Dizi (a lamb based stew where the broth is separated from the solids which are then mashed together and eaten separately) [...]
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