Trekking Iran, Land of Adventure – Part 1

With no doubt, Iran is one of the richest countries in the world. Not only its nature but also its culture and history will offer you the best scenes one can see. From the very northern part, the Caspian Sea, to the southern part, in the islands of Persian Gulf, you get to experience one […]

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Shater Abbas Restaurant

Shater Abbas restaurant located in northern Tehran, in Parkway Crossroad, Valiasr Ave, is a Persian traditional restaurant that was built about 80 years ago. At first sight, you can see the first menu of the restaurant and get familiar with the foods, culture and prices of that age. The restaurant has a great view of [...]
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Orkideh Complex Restaurant

There are a massive number of modern restaurants located in Tehran. Among the most modern ones, Orkideh Complex Restaurants are definitely worth experiencing. There are several branches of Orkideh in Tehran and the North of Iran. I personally recommend Orkideh’s main branch in Argentina Square. The magnificent interior design and lighting of the restaurant is [...]
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Iranian Tea Cups

If you spend enough time shopping around, you’ll see that Iranians have their own particular style of tea cups. Iran has a very strong tea culture, which has influenced the shape and style of their classic tea cup. Commonly found in vibrant gold and red, these tea cups often feature images of one of Iran’s […]

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Pantry Pizza & Restaurant

Pantry Pizza has several locations throughout the north of Tehran. My personal favorite is the original store located in Qaem Maqam-e-Farahani Street. It is located in a very big basement with low, dim light where everything from the furniture to the decorations are old-fashioned. There are a lot of details, from the wooden benches and [...]
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