Iranian Tea Cups

If you spend enough time shopping around, you’ll see that Iranians have their own particular style of tea cups. Iran has a very strong tea culture, which has influenced the shape and style of their classic tea cup. Commonly found in vibrant gold and red, these tea cups often feature images of one of Iran’s […]

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Pottery Wares

Entering the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, you will be lucky to see various types of pottery. Known as the oldest craft throughout the world, all pottery wares are made from various types of clay. Pottery represents the first artistic and industrial creations of mankind created from the excavation of natural resources to satisfy their primary [...]
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As a tourist walking through the Grand Bazaar of Tehran, you will inevitably run into shops displaying a whole variety of shiny, cute copperwares. These shops are always local favorites, and can be found all over the bazaar and the city. These stores have a variety of different kitchen utensils in all different shapes and [...]
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The Art of Glass

You may have heard about glassblowing and think that it’s a hip and modern phenomenon. But the signs of glassblowing can be found around 2500-3000 BC. Almost all countries and nations around the world have had some exposure to glass making and glassware. Glass has a rich history in art and industry. It is usually [...]
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Rugs and carpets have an important role in iran’s artistic past. Jajims are a type of handcrafted rug, usually woven from cotton or wool, and recognised by their vertical stripe patterns that give them a rainbow-like appearance. Unlike other kinds of rugs and carpets, weaving on horizontal looms is easier due to its speed and [...]
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