Best Restaurants in Tehran

While traveling in a big city like the capital of Iran, you’ll have to know the best restaurants in Tehran. Tehran is a big city but finding a nice place to eat is not a hard thing to do since this city is filled with the best restaurants which are known in the whole country. […]

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Orkideh Complex Restaurant

There are a massive number of modern restaurants located in Tehran. Among the most modern ones, Orkideh Complex Restaurants are definitely worth experiencing. There are several branches of Orkideh in Tehran and the North of Iran. Argentina Square Branch of Orkideh Complex Restaurant The magnificent interior design in Argentina Square branch and lighting of the […]

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Pantry Pizza & Restaurant

Pantry Pizza has several locations throughout the north of Tehran. My personal favorite is the original store located in Qaem Maqam-e-Farahani Street. It is located in a very big basement with low, dim light where everything from the furniture to the decorations are old-fashioned. There are a lot of details, from the wooden benches and [...]
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