Laboo – Purple Delight

Laboo- Purple Delight Street food Street food is a huge part of Persian culture and Laboo (la-boo) is king in the streets of Tehran. One of the best local foods around, It has an exceptional color, something between purple and red, and a sweet-scented aroma. It’s quite popular all year round, specially during the cold [...]
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Basil Seeds (Tokhm-Shar-Ba-Ti)

Basil Seeds (Tokhm-Shar-Ba-Ti), Popular Drinks Weight gain is an extremely important problem in the world. People try anything to lose some weight. From extreme diets to detox and green smoothies. Basil seed drinks are a delicious local favorite and easy way to lose weight. It suppresses appetite and helps the digestive system. The gel-like texture of [...]
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The Color of Pomegranate

Pomegranate is a deep-rooted part of local Persian culture. It’s used in every aspect of Persian cuisine. It even has some usage in traditional medicine. The circular fruit contains a cluster of little, red-hued, jewel-like juicy seeds. It can be prepared in a variety of ways (i.e. dried, pureed or even turned into a paste), [...]
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Good Morning Tehran Breakfast is the most important meal, it should be nutritious, appetizing and make you ready for the day. Iranians are famous for being early birds, they cherish a good breakfast and that’s why they tolerate standing in long lines to get Halim. It is a local food worth the effort and time. [...]
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Balal – You’ve never tried corn this way

There are different methods for cooking corn. Most countries boil and fry it of course. Local Iranians love cooking corn directly on charcoal. When it’s time to make Balal (corn), Persians fire up some charcoal in a grill then put the corn directly on the red embers. This method of cooking makes the most sensational [...]
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The northeastern side of Valiasr crossroad where the City theater and the Vahdat hall are located, is the artistic heart of Tehran. Teenagers in stylish outfits, young intellectuals, poets and poem-lovers create circles and gather in this area. These people have a sensitive taste and are hard to satisfy. Lamiz cafe is the home to [...]
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Khakshir – Iran’s Bubble Tea

Summer is a hot season in iran. Walking around in the crowded streets of Tehran can tire you and make you feel exhausted. Summers in Tehran lack humidity and the possibility of getting dehydrated is high. That’s why you need to try an old-fashion persian drink called khakshir (teff, a type of grass) to satisfy [...]
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Ancient Stew Pot (Dizi)

If you find yourself walking down the modern streets of Tehran, you may suddenly come face to face with a gorgeous, out-of-this-world and historic arch-covered marketplace. Welcome to the grand Bazaar of Tehran. Stretching over 10 kilometers, the magical halls of the bazaar split into several branches where you can perceive a world of action, [...]
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Lamb’s Liver (Jigar)

Have you ever smelled something so good, you couldn’t stop drooling? Well then you might wanna check out Iran’s famous dish, jigar. I know you must be judging jigar on it’s name and thinking well lamb’s liver can’t taste that good but believe me, you couldn’t be further from the truth. The meat is quite [...]
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