Iran Sim Card

When you want to travel to Iran for the first time, one of the main concerns is communication. How to contact friends, loved ones, hotel managers, tour guides, etc. so here’s the beginner’s guide purchase a sim card in Iran. First of all; there’s nothing to worry about! Although it is possible to use roaming [...]
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All You Need to Know to Register Mobile Phone in Iran (Update Oct 2020)

These days, almost everybody needs their phone in their very routine tasks. Being on a trip to a foreign country, you might need your phone more than ever to check guidelines, search for places to visit, navigate your destinations by map, share your experience on social media, and use google translate to communicate with the [...]
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How to get a SIM card in Iran

It is not difficult to access the internet in Iran but the speed is much slower than in first-world countries. You can find WiFi in hotels, restaurants and cafes all over Iran. If you need data on the go, however, getting a SIM card is the best option and among the few mobile network operators […]

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