Narenjestan-e Ghavam

Introduction Do you want to see a house with shining walls and ceilings? Let us take you to a house with an exclusive architecture and design that you cannot find anywhere else. Somewhere that you get to walk in a garden with a big pond in the middle with fountains and you are surrounded by [...]
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Kalam Polo Shirazi

Kalam Polo is one of the most popular meals in Iran. Combination of cabbage ( kalam) with Persian rice, flavorful herbs, and minced meat, makes an aromatic food that comes from the beautiful and ancient city of Shiraz.   Ingredients 3 cups of rice- 6 cups of shredded cabbage- 1 onion- 1 lb ground beef- [...]
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Tehran to Shiraz Flights

Tourists looking for highly rich Iranian poetry and history are sure to experience great things in Shiraz. Shiraz, the city of wine and flowers, offers them both cultural attractions and natural wonders. You can book flights, choose hotel accommodations, reserve rental cars for your Shiraz vacation on Tappersia.com. You can also sign up for stunning [...]
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Eram Garden

Introduction A flourishing garden with towering cypress and orange trees, various gorgeous flowers and tropical plants attract anyone to roam around for hours. A palatial edifice with a big pool in front easily fascinates you. You are right in the middle of a Persian garden called Eram, placed in Shiraz, Iran. There's not an exact [...]
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Nasirolmolk Mosque, The Pink Mosque of Shiraz

Let me take you to the rainbow mosque, somewhere with stained glass windows in different colors, a wonderful place for you to get in touch with your inner peace. You won’t dare to close your eyes as it feels like a dream and if you blink it will all disappear. Don’t worry my friends, everything [...]
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