Narenjestan-e Ghavam

Introduction Do you want to see a house with shining walls and ceilings? Let us take you to a house with an exclusive architecture and design that you cannot find anywhere else. Somewhere that you get to walk in a garden with a big pond in the middle with fountains and you are surrounded by [...]
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Introduction An ancient city full of historical traces lies in a plain, 110 km from south of Shiraz. Ardeshir, the founder of Sassanian, defeated the Parthian King, Artabanus V and started his own kingdom. He built the city and named it Ardeshir Khoreh which meant the greatness of Ardeshir. It was round-shaped to be a [...]
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Maharlou Lake

Introduction What do you imagine when you hear about a lake? You most probably think about a blue scenery in your mind. Surprisingly, the lake we want to talk about is not blue. You may only think it’s in a cartoon or a fantasy, but it does exist in real life, right here in Iran. [...]
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Eram Garden

Introduction A flourishing garden with towering cypress and orange trees, various gorgeous flowers and tropical plants attract anyone to roam around for hours. A palatial edifice with a big pool in front easily fascinates you. You are right in the middle of a Persian garden called Eram, placed in Shiraz, Iran. There's not an exact [...]
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Nasirolmolk Mosque, The Pink Mosque of Shiraz

Let me take you to the rainbow mosque, somewhere with stained glass windows in different colors, a wonderful place for you to get in touch with your inner peace. You won’t dare to close your eyes as it feels like a dream and if you blink it will all disappear. Don’t worry my friends, everything [...]
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