Jalaluddin Rumi, “In the Waters of Purity, I Melted Like Salt”

Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Hosein Hoseini Khatibi Bakri Balkhi (Jalaluddin Muhammad Balkhi) Known as Mowlana, Molavi, and Jalaluddin Rumi, is one of the most well-known Iranian poets.  In later centuries he has been described as Molavi, Mowlana, Moavi Rumi, and Molaye Rumi. His mother tongue was Persian. Molavi’s father was Muhammad bin Hosein Khatibi (known […]

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Rumi, the Teacher of Love

Who is Rumi? Early Life The story begins from Balkh in present Afghanistan. A middle-aged midwife was bringing jalāl ad dīn muhammad balkhi to this world but she didn’t know what an exceptional gift she was giving to humanity. As a child, Rumi or as Persians call him Mawlānā or Mawlawī was taught by his [...]
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