Along Caspian Sea, The North of Iran

Discover memorable ocean views and stunning mountains. The striking landscapes of the region will stay with you long after you leave. Waterfalls, lakes, dams, thick forests, wildlife and pure beauty is what you experience in every turn. Vast fertile plains are scattered with farms and lakes teeming with fish. In addition, small towns offer their [...]
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Lahijan, The Bride of Gilan

Lahijan is famous for being “the bride of Gilan” and “the city of bitter oranges”. It is the capital of Lahijan county with an estimated 2016 population of 167/000 people distributed over a land area of 1,428 km2. People of Lahijan mostly speak Gilaki, Taleshi, Tati and Kurdish. Duo to their “moderate caspian” climate, Lahijan [...]
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Gilan Commodities (Olives, Tea & Rice)

Northern Iran is home to some of the finest agricultural productions in the country. Located in a green and water-rich region, Gilan benefits from several premium agricultural products, some of which are solely grown in this region due to its wet and humid climate. The finest examples of these productions are olives, tea, and rice. [...]
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Mohtasham Garden and Kolah Farangi Mansion

Mohtasham garden, also known as the City Park, is the oldest park of Rasht. It is located in Hafez Street, next to the beautiful Gohar river, and dates back to Qajar era (1794-1925). In 1960, the government repossessed the garden from its owner due to unpaid taxes, and transformed it into a public park. The [...]
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Shahrdari Square at Night

Central parts of Rasht are famous for being full of crowds all day long. However, things change a bit when the sky starts to get dark. When the shops near Shahrdari Square close in the evening, numerous carts pop up in the neighborhood. This is the hour when people come to hang out in the [...]
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