Wedding Traditions in Iran

A wedding ceremony in Iran has lots of traditions that families should consider doing. At first, the groom’s family goes to the bride’s house with flowers and pastries in order to propose. After this formal meeting, if the answer was yes, then the real work begins. The groom’s family must go to the bride’s house [...]
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Food Souvenirs of Qeshm

Qeshm Island is not only a wondrous place for exploring untouched nature but also is home to a whole variety of local foods and cuisine. Known as “khorma” in Farsi, dates are typical products of the Island due to its warm and humid climate. There are hundreds of kinds of dates which differ in size, [...]
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Kolumba, also known as fish Halim, is one the most famous and traditional foods of Qeshm and Hormozgan province. This delicious food is made of fish, wheat, and vegetables (coriander and dill). In order to cook it, you first need to add wheat to boiling water. At the same time, fish needs to be cooked [...]
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Qaleh Restaurant

Located on the Eastern coast of Qeshm Island, Qaleh Restaurant is famous for its unique seafood menu. The restaurant which is close to the famous Portuguese Castle of Qeshm is among the oldest on the island. Therefore, it is a favorite place among locals as well as tourists. Situated in a narrow alley, they provide you with [...]
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Qeshm Local Costumes

Qeshm is the largest island of Iran, located near the Persian Gulf. It is famous for its welcoming people and rich culture. Local costumes of this island express their historical culture that is associated with their typical geographic conditions and their religious beliefs. Clothing People on Qeshm Island like the other tribes of Iran have [...]
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