Qaleh Restaurant

Located on the Eastern coast of Qeshm Island, Qaleh Restaurant is famous for its unique seafood menu. The restaurant which is close to the famous Portuguese Castle of Qeshm is among the oldest on the island. Therefore, it is a favorite place among locals as well as tourists. Situated in a narrow alley, they provide you with [...]
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Khaleh Restaurant

Near one of the most famous sites of Qeshm Island, Portugees Castle, a local woman that everyone calls her ‘aunt’ runs her own small traditional restaurant. Khaleh restaurant is not fancy and big but the foods are incomparable to any other restaurant on the Island. This restaurant is only open at nights and you can [...]
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Darya Restaurant

Darya Restaurant, located in ِDargahan, Qeshm, is considered the biggest seafood restaurant on the island. They designed every part of Darya restaurant (which means sea in Persian) purposely to represent an old-school wooden ship. Its walls and roof are tastefully decorated with wood stripes and straws. The tables, the chairs, and their backseats all resemble [...]
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