Persian Gulf

Eye-catching cerulean water with sparkling sunshine over it. You witness a remarkable sight with plenty of fresh air and a gentle breeze on your face, I am sure you must be thinking of something very fictional, but let me tell you that this is exactly how you'll feel when you realize how stunning and rich [...]
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Harra Sea Forest

Inscribed as a UNESCO Global Geopark, Harra Sea Forest, also known as Mangrove Forest, is located on the Southern coast of Iran, near Hormuz Island. It covers an area of approximately 20 km.This forest is one of the most amazing natural forests in Iran. The interesting fact about this forest is that the roots of [...]
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Chahkooh Canyon

In the Northwestern part of Qeshm Island, Chahkooh Canyon (Mountain of Wells) is located 15km away from Tabl Village. The Chahkooh Canyon is known as The Great Canyon of The Middle-East and is inscribed as a UNESCO Global Geopark site. This Geosite is an exceptional example of erosion through rainstorm water. Since the floor of [...]
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Hengam, the Island of Dolphins

Hengam is a small Island (33.6 sq.km) located 2 km to the south east of Qeshm Island in Persian Gulf. The Island contains of 3 villages. Old Hengam, New Hengam (Mashi) and Ghil. Hengam is an untouched Island. It is not crowded at all and you can’t find any cars or asphalt roads there. Even [...]
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Naz Islands, Where You Can Walk On Water

Naz Islands are two tiny Islands only a 1000 meters away from the shores of Qeshm. These Islands are a part of Qeshm Island during low tides, and in high tides they get seperated and become their own. But even then, the depth of the water is so low, that you can walk from Qeshm [...]
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