Kuku Shirin

Kuku Shirin, one of the popular Qazvin dishes and similar to a French quiche, can be made with chicken or potatoes as a fully vegan food! Sweet Kuku is made in two parts and the final dish is decorated with almond or pistachio slices which had been cut into diamond shaped pieces.   Ingredients For [...]
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Qajar Bathhouse & Anthropology Museum

As an ancient tradition, public bathhouses have been an important part of every city in Persia and there are numerous public bathhouses in cities and villages of Iran. As the technology advanced, most public bathhouses were abandoned. As a result, most of these hammams have turned in to ruins. There are a few remaining hammams [...]
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Hir Village

Another gorgeous sight in the Alamut region is Hir village which is 65 kilometers away from Qazvin city. This tiny village alone produces the majority of the country’s cornelian cherry and is widely known as the capital of Iranian cornelian cherry. The harvesting season in this lovely village is what makes it unique. After the [...]
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Nemooneh Restaurant

Nemooneh Restaurant, located in North Ferdowsi, Narvan Shopping center, Qazvin is a restaurant that satisfies every taste. Their blue and golden chairs have a persian royalty theme. The halls are long, making you feel like you are inside a persian palace. They serve all kinds of food, both traditional and modern. Their Italy Salad is [...]
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Narvan Shopping Center

Narvan Shopping Center is the largest shopping mall in Qazvin, it is a 4-story building with shops selling various products and a nice food court. Food court of Narvan Shopping Center is very famous among young locals and families, thus it has become a pleasant place for locals to spend some time there. The food [...]
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