San Marco Cafe

It is all about Venice. San Marco Cafe located in Farhang Shahr, Shiraz, has owners who are obsessed and in love with Venice. Their brand is a guy on a Gondola (Venetian rowing boat). They use a simple grey-brown modern decoration. One of its walls is entirely made of glass and features a painted venetian [...]
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Baghe Raz Restaurant

Baghe Raz (the secret garden in persian) located in Ghasr-Dasht, Shahed Blvd, Shiraz, is a gorgeous garden turned into a restaurant. Walking inside the garden, you find yourself on a green path made of grass pedals and tulip flowers. Suddenly a stunning structure made of wood and glass pops up. This is Baghe Raz. There [...]
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Radio Cafe

Living in the 21st century includes lots of tension and stress. We all hate air pollution, car horns and traffic. In order to escape from it all, i’m going to take you to Charbagh Abbasi, a traditional part of Isfahan where no cars are allowed. The most famous part of Charbagh is Sepahan alley. Radio [...]
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Arabo Sandwich

Armenians of Isfahan have a lot in common with Italians of New York. They are both specialists in making wine, confectionery and processed meat. Jolfa(their neighborhood) is very similar to Little Italy too. It’s historic and full of authentic Armenian restaurants. Arabo is located in Vank Church alley of Jolfa. The owners named it after [...]
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Safavi Cafe

Nowadays most old historic buildings get teared down and give their place to apartments and towers. This phenomenon is devouring historic cities like Isfahan and destroying their harmony. The owners of Safavi cafe have rescued one of these historic houses located in the end of Khaghani Street. They restored, repaired and decorated the old house [...]
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