Transport: Getting Around the Country

When you travel to Iran, you should know the basics about the transportation system in the country – such as how to get from city to city, and how to get around within cities. The good news is that travellers will have little problem with both. They do, however, have to consider their options and […]

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Iranian Toilets!

Iranian Toilets: Say YES to Squat Toilets First world travellers, embrace the squat toilets in Iran! It may feel strange and uncomfortable at first, but just quit whining – the natural squatting position is good for your bowel movements. Be sure that there are no urinals anywhere. (You can do an extensive search: at the […]

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Persian Language

Persian language: This applies to all countries that you travel to, really. Learning some Persian words (and also the numerals) will go a long way. Greet someone by saying “salam” and thank them by saying “merci”. Some cool words you can use include “chandeh” which means how much, “baleh” which means yes, and “khosh-mazeh” which […]

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