Fin Garden; An Evocation of Heaven 

Wondering What Might be a PERSIAN GARDEN?! One of the features of astonishing four-season Iran is its magnificent gardens. Truth be told, the garden may not be a suitable term for them. There are more of a piece of heaven -or as they put it “Eden”- on earth. Garden in Persian architecture is a huge […]

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Eram Garden

Shiraz is a famous city among tourists to enjoy roaming around fragrant streets and investigating all its well-known natural, historical, and cultural attractions. This city is a great representative of Persian Gardens with its ingenious architecture ad serene environments. There are so many marvelous gardens in Shiraz that each offers its own type of uniqueness […]

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The Persian Qanat

A Qanat which literally means ‘channel’ in Persian is an underground tunnel that directs fresh water from a source in the mountains to an opening at a lower altitude for the purpose of irrigation. The Qanat is an ingenious and sustainable way to easily provide a reliable supply of water to all societies living in […]

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The Persian Garden

On the UNESCO World Heritage site, under the name of Iran, you will find The Persian Garden. This rare listing on the world heritage actually consists of 14 different gardens. Nine of which are located within the borders of Iran today and six are in locations around the world that used to be part of […]

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Shazdeh Garden

Shazdeh Garden (aka Shahzadeh Garden) is one of the 9 registered Persian Gardens on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The registered Persian Gardens roots date back to the early years of the Achaemenids Empire (6th century BC), and they all share the same design principles, no matter where in the country they are located. The […]

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Delgosha Garden

Gardening has been an integral part of Persian identity for over 6,000 years. In a meeting with the Spartan commander known as Lysander, Cyrus II, the third Achaemenid king, and ruler of one of the most prestigious and expansive empires of the time, said that when he was not campaigning in new territories, he would […]

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