Top 10 Iranian Foods

Since antiquity, Persian culture has been known throughout the world, not just for their prized exports such as carpets and spices, but also for their music, poetry, romantic novels, and heroic epics. You can experience almost every part of Persian culture in local cuisines. All across the world, people are discovering the magic and flavor [...]
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Pasto Cafe and Restaurant

Tucked away inside a narrow alley near Isfahan’s Enghelab Square, is a cozy diner that stands out from its neighboring restaurants. Pasto Cafe and Restaurant is famous for its amazing food, warm atmosphere, and charming staff. The name Pasto itself has a great backstory. The “pasto” or “pastoi” was typically the storeroom of traditional Persian [...]
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Qaleh Restaurant

Located on the Eastern coast of Qeshm Island, Qaleh Restaurant is famous for its unique seafood menu. The restaurant which is close to the famous Portuguese Castle of Qeshm is among the oldest on the island. Therefore, it is a favorite place among locals as well as tourists. Situated in a narrow alley, they provide you with [...]
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Pizzara Restaurant

It is hard to say No to pizza. If you are in Isfahan and haven't been to Pizzara yet, you're missing out. It’s the kind of place where you may get the feeling of a very old bakery, dating back many decades. A giant pile of wood wedges sitting right next to the entrance along [...]
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Berkeh Restaurant

Berkeh Restaurant, located in Sardroud ring road, Tabriz is a famous traditional restaurant. With the help of tropical trees like banana trees, they have transformed a huge hall into a tropical forest. The word “berkeh” literally means pond in Persian. In the middle of the hall, lies a huge artificial pond full of massive fish. [...]
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