Marnan Bridge

One of Isfahan’s oldest bridges running over Zayande rud river, Marnan bridge is a brick structure made in the Sassanid era. It isn’t clear when exactly the bridge was constructed, but it is believed that it was made during 224 to 651 A.D. after the building of Shahrestan Bridge. Marnan was rebuilt and renovated during [...]
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Prince of Persia Game

Prince of Persia is a famous video game franchise firstly designed and developed by Jordan Mechner for the Apple II in 1989. Jordan Mechner is a famous American video game designer, Author and screenwriter who has recently written a successful graphic novel called “Templar”. Having created some of the most important games specially Prince of [...]
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Anzali Lagoon

Anzali lagoon or locally known as Talab-e Anzali is located on the coast of the caspian sea, near the port of Anzali (Bandar-e Anzali). Over twenty thousand hectares in size, this wetland holds a bunch of islands and is host to hundreds of different bird, animal and plant species. It is one of the few [...]
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Isfahan City Center Complex

Isfahan City Center is a large commercial and entertainment complex in Isfahan, Iran. It is the largest shopping mall in Iran and the seventh largest shopping malls containing a museum in the world. Built in four phases, the Canter covers approximately 465,500 square meters (5,011,000 sq ft) and includes a 5 star hotel, a general [...]
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Traditional Tea Houses

A traditional tea house is an establishment which primarily serves tea and other light refreshments. Although its function varies widely depending on the culture, tea houses often serve as canters of social interaction, like coffeehouses. Some cultures have a variety of distinct tea-entered houses of different types, depending on the national tea culture. For example, […]

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